The Family Kind of Crazy


8 thoughts on “The Family Kind of Crazy

  1. i love “family crazy!” i live in a house full of people who are the “same kind of crazy.” it is CRAZY AWESOME!

    someone once told me (when i was beating myself up for ruining my children’s childhood) that when your children grow what they will remember most is the temperature of your house (emotionally, spiritually…). the temperature of our house is, on a lot of days, crazy awesome. there is a lot of love and laughter that happens here. i hope my kids remember that.

  2. Erin, your pics remind me of some I took with the kids a couple of years ago… I need to do that again!

  3. I LOVE family crazy!! Your pictures are great — isn’t family crazy fun? Where else can you find someone that “gets” the crazy things you say and the crazy looks you give 🙂

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