Of Grace

He is enough, you know. The One who formed this dusty frame, the One who knew me before my heart could beat, the One who died to bring me to Himself– He is enough.

He would be enough if I were the only person left on this earth, if I had no one to talk to or write to or communicate with. He has promised to be enough, to be above, below, within, without.

He is sufficient.

But He is also love. And He knows my weakness, and He knows my deep need. And so He made someone for me, made me for someone– fit us together for good and for life and love and better and worse.

He who looked at Adam in the garden and said it was not good for him to be alone, also looked down through time and saw me, floundering in loneliness and not knowing my own worth. And He said it was not good for me to be alone.

And He put in my life this man, who seeks to love me as our Maker loves me, and I am blessed.

I have never been alone. And He has always been sufficient. But I am thankful for grace that brought me my husband, this amazing, kind, loving reminder that I am loved. That I am not alone.

That I am safe.


Thanks to Sarah Engle, of Captured by Sarah photography, for taking these pictures of Art and me on our anniversary. You can see more of her work on her blog, or by visiting her facebook page.


12 thoughts on “Of Grace

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  2. oh where were you when i had my 10 yr anniversary? what a great idea to have a photo shoot! and your words… straight to my heart. oh, i love that God is love.

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