Slapdash Saturday, edition 10– Maybe I’ll Think of a Clever Title Later

So I might have mentioned it once or twice or seven thousand times recently, but we have been crazy around here lately. I’m hoping things will settle down soon, but I can’t really express much optimism. The good news is that Bubba’s last day of school is Thursday, which will cut one thing out.

And Stinky will be spending next week with my parents, which will make him extremely happy because he thinks I’m boring. And he might have a point.

One of the good things in an otherwise stressful week this past week was Thursday evening, when we got together again with Sarah Engle from Captured by Sarah photography and did some family pictures. And then, bless her heart, she got the CD to us by that evening! She’s amazing. Truly.

Here’s a few of my favorites from that afternoon–

Look at that lip! Ack!

Group hug! Or something!

I find this one to be truly delightful.

Here we are on the Island. Just kidding.

I love the fact that all three children look like they’re about to mutiny in this one.

A mutiny which clearly succeeded.

Art and I kiss a lot. I just can’t help myself. He has smooshy lips.


Anyway, I’m sure we did other things this week. In fact, I know that I spent approximately 8,000 hours assessing student essays at the college this week. That’s one of the reasons our life was so crazy. Honestly, I always enjoy doing the assessments because they make me use the degree I worked so hard to earn, but after the forty-fifth opening sentence that says “I have learned so much in the last two years,” you just get a little twitchy.

Squeezy has learned to stand without pulling up, which was the last thing she needed to become an official toddler (per the Official Toddler Specifications Code, which is available in my brain). She now walks everywhere, occasionally breaking into the toddle-run, and is very cute, and extremely naughty. She also discovered the toilet. It’s neat. Truly.

The Squeezer is not really a fan of doing what she’s told. It’s a big world out there. Who has time to sit still for pictures?

Last night after I got done with work we made a mad Sonic run (the A/C on our van has issues and it’s hot, which requires Slushes before you can drive long distances– per the Long Drive in a Hot Van Specification Code), and then we hit the road and made it to Grandma and Grandpa’s a bit after 9:00.

Today we went to the Lauritzen Gardens, which are completely amazing, and took something like 250 pictures. I will try to do a whole post about it sometime this week, but I’ll give you a couple shots that made me especially happy.

That is straight out of the camera, baby. I just cropped it, added the watermark, and sharpened it for online. Isn’t it gorgeous? My hubby’s a talented guy.

And I like this one, even though it’s me. Maybe because the flowers hide my double chin?

Squeezy Bug has been working on molars, and not sleeping much. Last night she fell asleep in the van and then didn’t go to sleep till nearly eleven. And she was up by 7:00 this morning. And we went to the gardens right when she normally naps. She was such a trooper. A little needy, but an awfully good girl, all things considered. And cute as a button.

The boys got up on the wall and then got all chickeny, so it’s a good thing Grandma and Grandpa were there to hold their hands!

We took a ton more pictures, and since they have us in them you know they must be cute, but I am short on sleep so I am going to bed. Tomorrow is a church picnic and Squeezy Bug has a brand new Little Firecracker onesie to wear for the occasion, so it should be awesome.

(Awesomeness being determined, of course by the standards of the Advanced Awesomeness Specification Code, 2010 edition).


11 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 10– Maybe I’ll Think of a Clever Title Later

  1. I love you and your family. How is that possible. We’re strangers! These are pictures of real people with real love living real lives. iLike.

  2. OMG what beautiful pics!! I mean WOW!! You have a beautiful family! Love the codes you have going on! TOO funny!

  3. these are gorgeous pictures, erin! what a sweet family you have…smooshy lips and all! I’m with you on the craziness. Looking forward to the letout of school maybe slowing things down a wee bit. At least the mornings anyway.


  4. I don’t know what is with me tonight, but I’m all teary looking at your photos! You all have such a beautiful family, and you can just see happiness and love exuding from every angle.
    Gorgeous 🙂

  5. sarah sure captured the love in your family! beautiful! the love and the faces 🙂

    and then the photo of you & the daisies! lovely. i so love when i find a photo of myself that i like!!

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