In Which We Visit Some Gardens and Our Children Are Appropriately Adorable

Saturday we went to Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha for some family fun. We took a lot of pictures.

You may notice we tend to do that a lot around here. It’s just that our kids are so cute and flowers are so pretty!

Walking in, the boys decided to walk along this wall, which got very high very quickly.

After we left, we read the brochure they had given us and discovered that there was a rule about not climbing on walls.


They had a couple children’s tents set up, and this contraption was hanging in one of them. You push the washers all the way to the top, and they make a fun tinkly clinking noise on their way down. Squeezy was duly impressed.

They had these backpacks full of goodies for the kids to use in the gardens– sketch pads, scavenger hunts, rulers, magnifying glasses. My mom totally loves this kind of thing, so she took off with Bubs and Stinky and had a grand old time.

I love this shot of my little scientists.

Meanwhile, Squeezy Bug explored the waterfall.

This is a carillon. The lady sits in there and plays music on the bells. It was kind of cool– there used to be a ton of these around Europe (although I doubt they had web addresses on the sides). I have to admit though that after about the third song I was kind of bored. Just call me uncultured.

Thankfully I had a cute baby and a cute mom to take pictures of while the bells were playing.

I am in love with her little curls sticking out under her hat.

Bubs really enjoyed the bell concert. I guess he’s the cultured one in the family.

So while he and Grandpa and Grandma listened to the bells, Art and I took Stinky and the baby down the road to another garden, where Stinky made good use of his sketchbook.

Then we got to go to the railroad garden, which is completely awesome with all these model trains and buildings. Unfortunately, it’s also really hard to get good pictures, so I don’t have very many. The boys absolutely loved the trains though, and we probably spent more than half an hour looking at them.

Stinky thought it was pretty cool when Big Boy went over his head.

Then it was time to head home, but not before we saw a frog on a lily pad.

My husband took a ton of beautiful pictures but they’re not ready to post yet. I’ll try to put some of them up eventually too, because they’re worth seeing.

On the way out, a nice gardener sprayed my hot, tired boys with her hose.

And the baby fell asleep.

Which just proved that we had had enough fun for one morning.


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