Talking One Evening

I am busy in the kitchen, and he sits in his chair at the table, legs dangling (but not for much longer, I think), building a Lego model of the Titanic. He tells me about all the work they did in school today, getting ready for the last day of school on Thursday. He tells the baby to stop snitching his Legos, and eventually leaves his perch to chase her into the living room (“I gitsoo– gitsoo– gitsoo–” and giggles from both when he catches her).

I give him scissors and he cuts strips of ham into cubes while I mix waffles and chop onion. We talk about dinner and plans for the summer. He wants to fly a kite, he says. I say I’m sure we can do that sometime this season. He remembers making kites last year at Grandma’s house. He tells me he called his brother today and told him about our new tv. I ask if Stinky had been excited and he says yes.

I lament that my mixing bowl is cracked and is spilling waffle batter. He comes in, lifts the bowl up to see, spills more on the counter. I tell him to get back to cutting the ham. We talk about the rest of the week, and how on Friday we are going to do something fun like go to the park. He wants to go to the park with the rope web, so he can climb all the way to the top.

We eat waffles and he tells me he wants piano lessons and I pray we’ll be able to make that happen. I tell him it’s hard work and lots of practice to play the piano. He thinks he can do it. So do I. He tells me that he wants a great big nice house and I remind him that we should be thankful for having a place to live.

A storm is tumbling the branches outside as he fakes bravado and tells me about lightning and thunder. I smile.

He puts his dishes in the dishwasher while I use up the last of the waffle batter, and we talk about a family member who is ill and he asks what she did to get so sick and I say nothing. We live in a world where there is sin and disease, and people get sick and even die who did nothing to deserve it. I tell him that’s why heaven will be so wonderful, because all that icky stuff will be gone.

We chat more while I press meat into hamburger shapes, mix sloppy joes for the freezer.

He is so tall, so smart, so funny.

I haven’t just talked with him much lately. I wonder why not. What else have I been missing?

I don’t want to miss it anymore.

4 thoughts on “Talking One Evening

  1. inspired conversation… and legs that won’t stop growing. what is it about sons and a mama’s heart? thanks for this visit in your kitchen… it makes my heart all warm & gooey šŸ™‚

  2. This is so sweet, just ordinary, everyday conversation. But really, that’s what comprises this extraordinary life.

    Hey, I just saw a few posts down that you visited Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha!!!!! I love that place…and have I not known this whole time that you live near me????? I’m in Nebraska…where are you?!

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