When Bloggers Disappear

It’s possible no one else noticed, but I kind of disappeared for a few days. It seems like a really long time, but that might just be because my blog reader had something crazy like 257 unread items or something. ACK.

Our internet has been playing mind games with me and hasn’t worked reliably since Saturday morning. We’re hoping that now it is repaired. Hoping. I am not overwhelmingly optimistic, but you never know.

I have been busy doing things like baking and cleaning and occasionally washing the laundry, although that seems to have gotten a little behind this week. Plus work, and hanging out with the three best kids in the universe.

God is doing great things in our family.

I can’t wait to tell you about them– later. Because it’s late, and there’s still 103 items in my reader, and morning arrives very early these days.

I’ve missed you, internets. Never leave me again.


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