We Went Camping

We went camping with some friends once– they had two daughters about our ages and a pop-up camper. We had two tents. Our campsites were next to each other and not too far from the bathroom, and we went swimming and hiking in the kettle moraine in Wisconsin.

We drank fresh water from icy springs and laughed when a frog peed on my friend’s dad’s hand. We watched a meteor shower, laying on top of a picnic table and counting shooting stars. All four of us got into one side of the pop-up and tipped it to the side.

We played badminton and I hit the birdie into the tall grass and got a huge splinter in the bottom of my foot going after it. My dad pulled it out and I almost threw up.

Our last night there it was just the four of us and our dog Wishbone; our friends had packed up and gone home that day. We sat around our fire and talked and probably my mom tried to get us to sing and probably Laura and I wouldn’t cooperate, because we were teenagers and singing with your mom around the campfire probably wasn’t cool. Although maybe we did sing. I don’t remember.

My dad was there, in his blue camping hat– the only time he ever wore a hat, really– unshaven, unshowered, smelling of hamburgers and woodsmoke and sweat and Deep Woods Off. And Mom looked at us and said, “Girls, isn’t your father a hunka hunka burnin’ love?”

Which isn’t really how I think of my dad. But I’m glad my mom did. Does still.

Not that I really want to know about it.

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5 thoughts on “We Went Camping

  1. I don’t remember nearly as much as you do about that trip, but I do remember drinking from those springs. SO cold.

    I also remember daddy looking like that while camping. Loved that.

    Sometime you’ll have to post about the time Wishbone got the marshmallow stick stuck in her fur. ROFL

    Great memories.

  2. as always… you make me laugh! i love camping. we had one camping experience the summer between jr & sr high… and when i got home i found out my cat had been hit by a car. it was a long time before i camped again:) but now? one of my very favorite things to do. too hot here though for summer camping!

  3. How fun!
    We went camping too–the only time in my life I ever remember my dad washing dishes!
    My brother and I still yell out quotes from our long ago camping trips. (Part of the fun is observing other camping families.) Like, “Erma, where’s my disco shirt?”
    Maybe you had to be there.

  4. fun.

    i was 15 the first time i went camping. that’s a lot of smore-less years. i went with campus life. our canvas tent had so many holes we girls (3) spent the week sleeping in the van.

  5. This sounds dreamy. We went camping once. Our car broke down when we got there and my dad spent the day with my uncle trying to fix it. then we went home. It wasn’t what I would call a big success. But, hey, we had one day. 🙂

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