A Real Conversation

Bubs: Man, I wish I could take my Boxcar Children book to read in the van today.

Me: No library books in the car, sorry bud.

Art: Besides, I think you’ll live for fifteen minutes without a book.

Bubs: “I cannot live without books.”

Me: Dude, he just quoted Thomas Jefferson at you.


****the quote is on the outside of our library, and Bubs noticed it recently and has been saying it whenever he feels it’s appropriate****


9 thoughts on “A Real Conversation

  1. cute.

    bubs and noah would be good friends.

    i’ve found the most affective way to discipline noah is to take away reading (i’ve only done it 2x). he corrects his behavior quickly then.

    my car has oh so many books in it (this-that-and-the-other). but we live 30 min from everywhere, so i will continue to be a library on wheels if it keeps them occupied.

  2. i can almost hear the laughter that lives all around you. dontcha just love that they know exactly what will push us over the edge 🙂

  3. thanks for the post comment.
    i think that having gotten to know my blogging friends does make the poetry more fun to read. more of a two way conversation, because we get to comment or add a poem comment too.

  4. I decided to come over here from O My Family when I saw your comment because I’m a fellow Erin. This post made me so happy! How cute and wonderful that your son said that! And the Boxcar Children are so good, I would have wanted to bring them in the car, too.

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