A Pearl of Great Price

I would just like to warn my male readers that this post contains references to feminine products.

Consider yourself warned.

Squeezy Bug is desperately in love with her pearl necklace. I found it the other day, put it on her, and she now believes that it is a requirement for daily living. This afternoon, after her nap, she was still pretty drowsy so I was cuddling her and playing with her sweaty hair, which was going all curly on me, and I said her hair was pretty.

All of a sudden, the little thing was WIDE AWAKE. She slid off my lap, toddled over to the hook where the necklace was hanging, pointed at it, said “PITTY!” and then made a yelling growl sound. I made her say please and then put it on her and all was well again.

All this to say.

Today the three little angels and I were at WalMart, which is something I never recommend if you enjoy sanity, and I needed toothpaste. One little tube of Crest for Kids is all I was after, but someone was in the way, and then I wasn’t sure which one I wanted, and so we were standing there at the end of the aisle a little longer than I had hoped.

“Mommy, what are these?”


“Um, those are girl things, honey. You really don’t have to worry about it.”

“Oh. Well, is that where you got Squeezy’s pearl necklace?”

It was all. I. Could. Do. to not die of laughter right there in the toothpaste and tampon aisle.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this kid, even when he asks awkward questions in public?

Cuz yeah. I’m pretty taken by him. 🙂

Good, True & Beautiful


8 thoughts on “A Pearl of Great Price

  1. LOL That is cute! I hear those things in public bathrooms, oh yes always fun! I always use the line, we’ll talk about it later. Works like a charm. 😉 Stopping by from Good, True and Beautiful.

  2. LOL, well hopefully one day when they’re mature enough to understand, it’s good to actually give them the truth 😛 After all, we don’t need any more boys and girls in this world who are completely ignorant when it comes to the topic of menstruation. It’s bad enough as it is now that girls growing up barely know enough about their maturing bodies and boys who mock girls about their periods/feminine hygiene. I know “the talk” is every parent’s dread, but educating children is a great thing 😀

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  4. Yeah, my mom used to tell me that certain “things” were to put on your head when you were having a headache. And then once my little sister came out of the bathroom with one stuck to her forehead, and my mom told us the truth!!!

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