Let Them Eat Cake . . . Maybe.

Once upon a time, back when I was but a girl, my mom agreed to make a wedding cake for someone. I don’t know who. It doesn’t matter.

She made the cake in our home, and loaded it up in the back of our station wagon to transport it to the reception hall and assemble it. My dad had to go along, I assume to help with the assembly, and therefore so did Laura and I.

That station wagon was the only car we ever owned growing up that had air conditioning, which was very good, since it was a very hot day. And then–

At a stoplight halfway to our destination, the car died. And when I say died, I mean died the death. It never moved again. And there we were, at an intersection, on a hot summer day, in a dead car, with frosting melting off the sides of the cake in the back.

It was not pretty.

I remember sitting in that hot car for half. of. forever. waiting for someone to come pick up my mom and the cakes. She had to take them to the reception, set them up, and attempt to make them look good in spite of the fact that half the frosting had turned to liquid and melted down the sides.

Finally a tow truck arrived, but this didn’t really make things better, since my dad and I and maybe my sister (I really can’t remember) had to ride in the front seat of the guy’s truck. My dad is 6’3″ and the tow truck driver was not exactly a fairy princess. It was hot, and smelly, and squished.

And I’m pretty sure that was the last time my mom ever made a wedding cake.

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8 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake . . . Maybe.

  1. I remember that day so well. I can remember crying b/c the car was dead, and I had never gotten to ride in the back facing backwards. I didn’t really care about mom’s cake crisis. Yes. I’m a terrible daughter. lol

  2. my mom was a wedding cake maker, too! never got stuck in a dead car though. yikes! and i have to say, i’m surprised about the tow truck driver! i pretty much thought they were alll fairy princess material 🙂

    so, i’ve made a wedding cake or two in my time 🙂 i was assembling one a few hours before the wedding and… i didn’t balance it correctly. splat! dropped one layer. into another. i cried like a baby when we got back into our car- after i had fixed it up and turned the not-so-great-side to the back.

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  4. There were more wedding cakes after that one, but not many. I put a stop to all of them that I could. NONE of us will forget that particular one, though. Hope the marriage was a good one.

  5. oh the stress your mother must have been under when the car died!

    we have one car with a.c. and one without. it was 106 here last week. it gets as hot as 113. oh how we dream of having two vehicle with a.c.

    i linked up to flashback friday with my post “bringing home the bacon.”

  6. hehe. That would truly be tragic, a melty wedding cake. Frosting and heat are definitely NOT a match made in heaven. But it makes for a good story later! Like my mother’s 101 Nights of Home-Wrecked Pizza in 1988…eating tuna fish pizza at the time? puke-o-rama. Now? hilarious.

    I’m not linking up today, but I’m providing moral support! 🙂

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