They Are My Gift

They are my gift. Each and every day– when I am tired; when I am grouchy; when I am motivated; when I am lazy; when I am giggly; when I feel like singing and dancing– every moment.

I am unbelievably blessed, because every morning I open the door of their bedroom and there they are– my gift, ready to unwrap a new day with me.

Some days I forget that they are more than dirty laundry and sticky fingerprints and endless needs. But they are so much more, and I can never forget for long.

They are my gift, every day new and full of joy and surprises for the unwrapping.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


9 thoughts on “They Are My Gift

  1. it is nice when you can take a breath and see it, isn’t it? love that part about them being more than their laundry & fingerprints 🙂 and you… singing and dancing. all good stuff… worthy of unwrapping. happy tuesday!

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