Mission Statement

I told my husband that some couples have a mission statement for their marriage or their family.

I asked him why we didn’t, and he said we do.

Try not to fail.

So now, armed with a new sense of purpose, I can face my days in peace.

It’s even better in Latin.

tendo non deesse.

And now I shall take my mission statement to heart, and succeed most magnificently at eating popcorn and watching television.

Good, True & Beautiful


14 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. eating popcorn and watching t.v. IS my mission statement! well you’d think so lately.
    really ours is “remain in Christ.”

    i tired to figure it out in a latin translator but there were too many definitions for “remain.” all could fit… and their definitions for “remain” weren’t easy – endure, stay, delay, stand, dwell, abide…i’m kind of in a delayed/enduring in Christ at this time…,but still here-with him.

  2. Erin,
    I just love that photo.

    and your mission statement.
    and may I add, that my husband and I , in those late night moments trying to make sense of things,
    often say together, at the same time,
    ” at least try”

    because you never know.

  3. Hi Erin…I am that crazy mom you read about at See Jamie Blog…you know, the one with 2 babies who are 4 months apart…anyway…THANK YOU for the sweet comment and I am SO glad it lead me to your blog.

    I hope that completed your mission today and ate every last kernel of that pop corn!

    I’ve only read one post and I can tell I like you…Refreshing!!

    What will you mission be tomorrow? Mine is to avoid getting poop on my clothes…bring it baby girls!!

  4. First of all, I love that photo! Mission statements are cool things. Many of my friends have them written and posted somewhere in their homes.

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