Oh Hello, Blog

Believe it or not, I have not forgotten you, oh faithful blog reader.

Last weekend was our annual family get-together at my parents’ house, with my sister and her family and our family– thirteen people in all. Much fun and frivolity ensued. Usually these trips inspire me to write, but this year it seems like there’s not much I haven’t said in the past. We never have enough time with these people we love. I never can hug my nieces and nephews enough in four days to last a whole year. I can never stay up late laughing with my sister enough. Never.

But I feel like I’ve said it all before.

We drive away, crying, leaving a bit of our hearts behind us.

But this time was different, because we drove home and arrived here just half an hour before Art’s sister Karen and her family arrived from Michigan to stay with us for a week. Half an hour. We hadn’t seen them in nearly three years. So now, we have more days with different cousins, more heaps of small bodies in small spaces, more laughing and hugging and sharing and not-sharing and adventures.

And it’s good, but tiring, and busy, and you’ll forgive me, won’t you, if I am a little quiet on this blog for these days when we are family-ing?

I’m sure that when I return I will overwhelm you with great heaps of stories and pictures. But in the meantime, I hope you’ll accept a sampling of our weekend pictures. And coming soon, more pictures. I can’t seem to keep up with my editing! 🙂

See you soon . . .


5 thoughts on “Oh Hello, Blog

  1. Absolutely wonderful post. Wonderful photos, the smiles are beautiful.
    You go ahead and do the family thing, we understand here in blog land and we cheer for you.
    Many hugs.

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