Slapdash Saturday, edition 19– the Pictures and Penguins Edition

Well. It seems that it is Saturday again, and I’m not exactly sure how that happened, all things considered. The summer is just flying by. I am right now sitting in my extremely messy living room, still in my pajamas at 3:30 in the afternoon, listening to Squeezy cry in her crib and Jim Brickman play “Beauty and the Beast” on Pandora. All except the crying, this is a good Saturday.

I’m supposed to be at a wedding right now. That’s where the rest of the family is, including our guests for the week. The wedding is the whole reason Karen and Joel (Art’s sister and her husband) are even in Iowa, although getting to see me is a very close second, I’m sure. Joel’s brother is marrying Karen’s best friend, so the whole family is in the wedding. Bubba explained the whole thing to his other cousins last weekend at my mom’s house by saying “our cousin’s uncle is marrying our dog’s babysitter.” True story. The bride watched Rosie the Faildog for us last weekend.

Anyway. Clearly I am not at a wedding right now. Squeezy is sickish with a cold that has her in the pits of misery, and I couldn’t see her sitting through a wedding even when she’s feeling well, much less when she’s in the pits of misery. Currently she and I are having a little disagreement about whether she needs a nap or not, which is why she is up crying in her bed. Poor baby. She won’t let me cuddle her or I would, even if she did wipe copious amounts of snot on my pajamas.

I’m just hoping that someone brings me some cake.

So. In the past eight days, I think we have taken more than 1,000 pictures. Not lying. Even when I did go through and delete a bunch that were bad or blurry or redundant, that still left about 600 pictures to be edited. And when I get in editing mode, it’s hard to find time to come up for air and actually post some of them. I posted a bunch of my favorites from last weekend with my family the other day, plus the video of the kids singing in church last Sunday, so I’m limiting it to pictures with Art’s family here. We haven’t taken as many, I don’t think, but we have taken a lot. And we’ve been busy.

Remember that baby who doesn’t like water? That’s my nephew E. He doesn’t like it in the swimming pool any more than he did in the creek, although according to his mother he loves to take baths.

I love this picture so much. No boys were damaged as a result of Stinky’s flying leap onto his unsuspecting brother.

My niece K. She just turned six this summer and is a sweetie pie.

Don’t ask me how they all fit in that little pool without anyone getting hurt or mad, but they did.

Bubba’s turn to show off his mad jumping skills.

Art with our niece A. She’s such a little sweetie.

The girls were a little shy at first, but it didn’t take them long to warm up to Uncle Artie.

Thursday we went up to Ledges State Park for a picnic and some fun in the water.


The kids had a blast wading in the creek.

My sister mocks my sunhat. She says I’m turning into our mother. It makes my eyes happy though.

After the kids had played and gotten themselves soaking wet, we had them change into their swimsuits and hike back to the car. I know that doesn’t make sense, but due to a Strategic Planning Error and also something known as Gravity, most of the kids had gotten wet in their clothes before we could get them into their suits, so we just let them stay in their clothes so they would at least have something dry to wear on the way back.

Also I took a picture of a spiderweb.

And some tree bark.

Today at breakfast, I was witness to the following conversation, which began with my darling, wonderful husband burping rather revoltingly.

Art: Excuse me. That was so rude! I should not have done that at the table. It’s been so long since I sat here for a meal that I’m like an animal!

Stinky: Like Animal?

Art: No, not like Animal from the Muppets. Like a wild animal.

Stinky: You mean a penguin?

I have no idea either. That child’s thought processes are something from a different world. Either he’s a genius or he’s just plain nuts.

Finally, a picture of Karen and baby E, because it’s sweet.

Happy Saturday, y’all.


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