Slapdash Saturday, edition 21– Water, Water Everywhere. And Also Butterflies.

This has been a weird week. For the first half of the week we were caught in an entirely miserable weather pattern of extreme heat and humidity all day and thunderstorms all night. I am not a fan of extreme heat and humidity, and the older I get the more I dislike thunderstorms. Mostly because I worry that they’ll knock the power out and the air conditioner and sump pump will quit blessing us with their wonderful blessings.

Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday was the worst of it, with torrential rain that just went on and on and on. Our street flooded, and then Art got called in to help bail water on campus where he works, so he had to walk wade because there was no way he could get the van out of the driveway. While he was gone I paced around the house worrying, and then decided I should take a picture of the water for posterity’s sake.

I had a little trouble figuring out the camera settings.

This is taken from our front landing; I know it’s hard to get perspective but I’d say the tree is at least ten feet from the road. The mailboxes are right by the road and there’s a sidewalk in between as well. When Art waded home from work, the water in the street was up to the middle of his thigh.

Thankfully, however, our yard slopes down to the street, and our house is up on a little hill, so we stayed dry. We areΒ  counting our blessings and know a lot of people can’t say the same thing.

Anyway, being that I was sick pretty much all week, we didn’t do much exciting. I spent some time one day doing some planning for school, which got me excited. We start on September first and I think it’s going to be good.

Yesterday, though, I was feeling significantly better (finally), and the humidity had gone down (thankfully), so we ventured outdoors and went to the spillway at the Saylorville Dam and then to the butterfly garden. I was disappointed that they had the sidewalk along the spillway blocked off so you couldn’t get very close; so I didn’t get any pictures of the actual spillway. Good thing these guys are all so cute.

The water was amazing. Standing on the edge there made all of us a little dizzy.

You’ll have to forgive me, because this next one is the last with either of the boys in it. They were so happy to be outside after being shut indoors for more than a week that they went a little crazy. I decided not to fight the battle to try to get them to stand still for pictures!

Squeezy, on the other hand, still moves slow enough for her old mom to keep up with!

Don’t you just want to eat her right up?

This one was taken on the deck of the Saylorville visitor’s center. The deck goes all the way around the building, and I think Squeezy made it around twice and the boys ran around it about four or five times. It was good to be outside.

Squeezy Bug is a bit of an independent thinker. Once we let her go she really did not want to stop.

She also didn’t want to get her picture taken. She would see me coming, laugh, and run the other way.

She’s trouble, make no mistake.

We went to the butterfly gardens after the visitor center, and I relinquished the camera to my husband, who is much better at nature photography than I am.

The garden lived up to its name; there were a lot of butterflies flitting about. Also mosquitoes. For some reason they don’t advertise that part.

We saw bridges, butterflies, bumblebees, and a dead frog. And flowers. Which made Squeezy very happy.

Squeezy is a fan of flowers. She kept squealing “Oooooh! Pitty!” and was generally very cute.

See what I mean?

I think having a girl is kind of awesome. πŸ˜‰

Isn’t that beautiful? Probably my favorite of the butterfly pictures Art took. (He took a lot more than just the ones I’m posting. Good ones, too. But this is my fave.)

Anyway, other than the water, and the butterflies, last week was pretty unexciting. Which is fine. Excitement often means unpleasant emergencies. Which just complicate things, really.

This week is Art’s birthday and we’re going to the fair and I’m sure much hilarity and thrill shall ensue. We like the fair. The kids are pretty excited about it. Well, the boys are. Squeezy isn’t, because she doesn’t know about it. The last time she went to the fair she looked like this.

Oh my heart.

Well, I’m going to go curl up in the fetal position and cry now. My baby!

Good thing she’s so cute.


5 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 21– Water, Water Everywhere. And Also Butterflies.

  1. i think you are in BIG trouble with squeezy… she is too stinkin’ cute πŸ™‚ what great pics of her running away! ha! glad you are finally feeling better… and could finally get outside! yippee for fresh air! can’t wait to hear all about the fair! i am just imagining the excitment on those little faces πŸ™‚ oh! i almost forgot… tell art i love his butterfly pics πŸ™‚ great shots!

  2. My brother is a genuis photographer! :o) You’re pretty good too of course but your best is people shots. Hey, you two should go into buisness, you can photograph peope and Art can photograph their yard! You could call it “People ‘N Plants Photography” or something! You can thank me later when you’re rich from this AMAZING idea! πŸ˜‰

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