It’s his birthday tomorrow– Wednesday– and he’s experiencing his yearly bout of what-am-I-accomplishing-with-my-life self loathing.

It’s hard, you know? To still be a student, to be called (so it seems) to wait and study and prepare and never be sure what you’re waiting and studying and preparing for. It’s hard to see others having great success and then, looking at your own life and seeing something that looks very much opposite.

We must not judge our success by the standards of this world.

And I am here to say that my husband is a success; that in what God has called him to do and be he daily succeeds.

It takes courage to stay, to wait, to keep growing, to study, to persist. It takes courage to be the person God calls you to be, whether He calls you to be rich and famous and powerful or to have just enough, to be unknown to most.

I am proud of my husband, proud of his dedication to his education and to his family, proud of how hard he works every day to provide for us and to move forward. This path we walk is different from the road we thought we could discern when years ago, with dreams in our hearts, we looked ahead. But it is a good path, because we walk it together, in the will of the One who called us.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I am proud to be your wife.


11 thoughts on “Success

  1. heh, please tell your husband he is not alone in this school-what-am-I-doing-spending-my-life-in-a-library thing. I can relate, 10 million percent. (Although I have to say, based on the picture above it seems your library trips are way more fun than mine.) Anyway, you are right about not measuring success by anyone else’s standards. Other people my age have real jobs and families, and I have a wonderful husband, student loan debt, homework (still?? I’m approaching 30, kids I used to babysit are no longer doing homework), etc. etc. etc. I have to remind myself that I’m in this season for a reason. (Which, maybe it’s so I can realize I need to be a poet?) When I started grad school, I felt very clearly that I was answering a call on my life. Walking through it has its ups and downs, for sure. But I try very hard to remember that call.

    Anyway, that is a novel, what can I say, in my exams today I wrote more than 20 pages in six hours, now it’s hard to stop the babbling. What I really want to say is, Happy birthday, Art! I believe in you and what you’re doing. :o)

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  3. I think that your support of your husband is one of the most wonderful gifts you could ever give him. Happy Birthday, Art!

  4. Thats a sweet post. Way to praise your husband. We’re kind of in the same boat… Called to ministry but needing more schooling and waiting to see where God wants us.

  5. Wow, can I just cut and paste this post and e-mail it to my husband as if I wrote it. He really needs that kind of encouragement right now. We are at a crossroads right now also, what with the job market sucking and all. I am going to go find my own words now and tell him how much I love him.

  6. What a great guy, with a great wife. I think a lot of men reinvent and reinvent and then settle in once they feel a sense of purpose. My husband has sometimes felt like he missed some kind of message somewhere, but most of the time feels comfortable in his professional decisions.

  7. My brother the scholar! I am sooo proud of him! It’s not everyone who can really get that into dead archiac languages and master them! 🙂

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