We Heart Books!

Today I’m linking up with the Homeschool Village, where we are sharing our kids’ favorite books. 🙂 (And don’t worry, because I know you were, I’ll have state fair pictures posted sometime today as well. We had a great time!)

I had to include Squeezy Bug here, because she has recently begun really enjoying her books and recognizing the pictures in them and talking about them. One of her two current favorites is Very First Words, which has lots of pictures, including one of a “NANNA!” Squeezy is a big fan of bananas. She is recognizing more and more pictures from the book, including ball, baby, and of course shoes. Squeezy’s obsession with shoes worries me a bit. Her other current favorite is a board book that has Mama Mama on one side and Papa Papa on the other. We’ve had this book since Bubs was a baby, and all my kids have loved it. Squeezy will sit and look at it and say “Mama mama babble babble babble” with great rhythm and inflection. So cute. Love this book.

Bubba (age 7 1/2, second grade) is currently enamored of The Boxcar Children, and said he couldn’t choose just one book but had to pick the series. He owns a few that my mom has given him and has been checking them out from the library all summer.

Stinky (age 5 1/2, kindergarten) said he wasn’t sure what his favorite book is, but then I reminded him of the book he is holding, Fighter Planes Up Close. This is a book my mom gave him, and it has big pictures and pages that fold out and all kinds of cool stuff. Stinky isn’t reading yet, so books with big pictures make him happy. His favorite part is actually not shown here, because it’s been removed. The dust jacket cover thingy of the book has, on the inside, plane controls. He has spent many days sitting on the stairs (his “airplane”) with that thing open, using the “controls.” I love books that pique my kids’ imaginations.

And there you have it– my munchkins’ favorite books! It is a joy to be able to pass onto our kids a love of reading. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “We Heart Books!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that mama, mama book. We used to have it too, but it fell apart. I really need to find it again for Kaybelle and TB. It’s one of my favorites for sure.

    Do you have “Sometimes I Like to Roll Up in a Ball”? That is another favorite around here… Even the big kids like it b/c they can do the motions with it. It’s really cute.

  2. my son loved the boxcar children last year – I was a bit disappointed when he didn’t want to read them anymore. But loves the magic tree house chapter books better because of the history.

    thanks for including all their favorites – in the little one! My 3yr old loves his My Color book. Pink being the boy’s favorite. haha!!

    thanks for joining us and linking up this week!!
    the hsv

  3. all three of my kids LOVE to read. noah (the oldest) began the trend, and the girls are following behind him.

    sometimes the most effective discipline for noah is to take away reading time..ouch!

    now that you are homeschooling, barnes & nobles will give you and educator’s discount. simply ask for one, and begin receiving !5% off all your purchases.

  4. Oh, the Boxcar Children, yay! Definitely on my list of favorite children’s books. Doesn’t every kid fantasize about playing house for real in the forest, discovering that they are wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, and then having a guardian who lets them do cool things like houseboat down a river, alone, all while solving mysteries? I tried to write a prequel to those books when I was a kid. I don’t know where I acquired the phrase “wept openly,” but I distinctly recall using it, and then being too shy to read that part of my story out loud to my second grade class. (Yes, I’m just free associating over here, why?)

    I’m so glad your kids love to read, I think helping kids to love reading is like giving them a treasure chest that continually refills itself. 🙂

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