We Went to the Fair, and We Took Many Pictures.

And now I am going to show no mercy whatsoever as I share them all with you.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The first thing (after a bathroom stop) that we did at the fair was visit the animal barns. The horse barn was empty, so we went to the sheep barn. We were walking up the aisle looking at the sheep, and Squeezy was in her stroller and making happy toddler babble noises, when suddenly a sheep turned and went BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA really loudly right in Squeezy’s face.

And that was the end of the animal barns.

I decided maybe we should go somewhere that would prove to our daughter that the fair wasn’t the single scariest place she had ever been in her life, in spite of the sheep, so we went to the discovery garden. The boys had some artistic time while Squeezy checked out all the pretties.

The whole time we were in there, she kept saying, “Ohhh! pitty!” over and over.

Except for when she was screaming.

Apparently the pink elephant reminded her of the Evil Sheep of Doom. It’s a common mistake I’m sure.

These plants were cool. When we touched the leaves, they closed right up. I had to stop the boys from doing the entire plant, because there were other kids there who I’m sure wanted a turn as well. Anyone know what kind of plant this is?

Ohhhh! Pitty!

I think Art took this picture when the boys were running back and forth through the tunnel with the flowers trained over it. They thought that was great fun. We didn’t get any good pictures though.

Do not mock the hat.

After the garden, we visited the agricultural building, where we saw the famous butter cow. There was a very long line, so instead of waiting in it Art just lifted the boys up so they could see. The butter cow is such a weird Iowa tradition. But our children are Iowans born and raised and therefore it is very important to them. πŸ™‚ Also, we didn’t take any pictures.

Then we had popsicles, but didn’t take any pictures.

Then we walked all the way up this huge hill to see the poultry and rabbit building, which was empty. So fail for that plan. By then I was getting a little fussy, but thankfully the state fair museum has a great big porch with rocking chairs on it.

Art and the boys went in and checked out the museum, while Squeezy and I chilled and rocked and cuddled and had a lovely time. (Don’t mock the hat). After that I was ready to brave the crowds again, so we visited Pioneer Hall and saw some cool stuff and reprimanded the boys multiple times for running into people and not watching where they were going.

Children are so lovely in big crowds.

After that, we were hungry. We had packed a lunch because we’re cheap and that’s how we roll, so we walked six miles back to the van and then dragged the cooler and the blanket and the kids a little farther to a shady spot under some trees. It was so worth it. I think our lunch might have been my favorite part of the day, which goes to show that usually you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun.

It was such a beautiful day, and there was a lovely breeze there in the shade.

It was wonderful.

At one point she had her face in the bag of chips.

After lunch, we were all refreshed and full and ready to face the fun again. So we walked the six miles back into the fairgrounds and checked out some exhibits, including one that had the cab of a fire engine in it. The boys were pretty excited about that.

I love that picture so. much. It’s pure 100% unadulterated Stinky.

Then we let the boys play in the fountains for a few minutes.

It took them longer to get their socks and shoes back on than they actually played in the fountains. Which is pretty much the story around here most of the time.

A visit to the Varied Industries Building for temporary tattoos apparently overstimulated poor Squeezy.

That nap was such a blessing. If she hadn’t taken it, we probably would have had to leave around two. As it was, we got to stay till nearly five. Seven hours at the fair is a family record since the kids came along.

This year the boys were big enough to climb the big slide and ride down all by themselves.

They’re getting so big. It wasn’t very long ago that I was practically dragging them up there myself. πŸ™‚ I was kind of glad I didn’t have to this year.

This was undoubtedly Squeezy’s favorite part. She loved the chicks and the ducklings and looked at them and chattered to them and was pure delight for a long time. It was truly adorable. I was glad she got to see some little animals that didn’t scare her half to death.

Then we went to Little Hands on the Farm, which the boys love every year, although Bubs said maybe he was getting too old for it this year. I don’t have any pictures of the boys doing the farm activities, because in the few I did get they looked like they were on their way to get their teeth pulled. They had lots of fun. It just didn’t show in the pictures.

The good news is, Squeezy did not lose any of her photogenic-ness.

Oh my word, isn’t she just the cutest thing in the universe? That was the only time she actually carried the basket, because once it had stuff in it she wanted to carry the plastic tomatoes instead.

She got to ride a tractor.

After they do all their little farm chores, they get to choose a treat from the store. Here they are enjoying the fruits of their labors.

She had animal cookies.

They had popsicles.

It was a wonderful end to our day at the fair. We headed home and had pizza and cake to celebrate Art’s birthday.

It was just a great day. And ever since we got back, whenever Squeezy sees a picture of a sheep, she says BAAAAA in a really loud, harsh voice.

That’s the kind of sweet memory we try to give our children. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “We Went to the Fair, and We Took Many Pictures.

  1. Did y’all get to see the quilt blocks on the Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center? I would love to see them all. I submitted a design for our county but it didn’t win.

  2. oh gosh i am laughing so hard! evil sheep of doom? confused with the pink elephant? nah… i just think she was looking for my elephants! oh wouldn’t squeezy ahve been so sweet on that little baby elephant? who am i kidding? she’s too cute no matter what. sleeping, pointing at chicks, screaming about the elephant, eating those animal crackers! and the boys… i am impressed that you were able to slow ’em down enough for a few picks πŸ™‚ love that one of stinky in the fire truck, and you & bubs? love love love it! and i wouldn’t dare… mock the hat πŸ™‚ nope! i have one in aqua that you just might see in a photo or two coming up at my “house!”

  3. I really enjoyed your visit to the fair- it was a lot of fun!!!! The pictures are an extra added treat!! Thanks for sharing!!

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