Slapdash Saturday, edition 22– Getting Down with My Slapdashy Self

I think that, for reasons I have yet to discover, today’s post shall be in the form of a list.

Just be grateful it’s not in the form of an acrostic. Although that would be fun someday– if I ever have the brain cells at my disposal to waste on such a thing. I need to save my brain cells for playing Scramble on Facebook.


1. Speaking of acrostics, in the tenth grade I wrote one for our poetry unit in English class. I wish I knew where it was. It rhymed. I also wrote my very first sonnet for that class. I love writing sonnets. Too bad I waste all my brain cells playing Scramble on Facebook.

2. Speaking of Facebook, if you’re friends with my sister on Facebook you should go visit her page. If you’re not, just ignore this one.

3. Speaking of ignoring things, my sons are ignoring the fact that it’s August and have been cutting out paper snowflakes. Bubs told me that they wanted to do it now because they might not have time in the winter, and they might forget, and then “it would be winter and we would have no paper snowflakes, and that wouldn’t be good at all.”

4. Speaking of things that are not good at all, Squeezy is toddling around the living room at full speed carrying a fork. I’m pretty sure this bodes well for no one. At least she wears glasses; I expect they make it less likely that she’ll poke her eye out. Still, I can’t help but feel that her health and safety may be in danger.

5. Speaking of danger, Wednesday night we played with fire.

He insisted on making dumb faces in pretty much every single picture. At least this one is in focus. That was good cake.

6. Speaking of good cake, it was still good Thursday morning when we ate it for breakfast.

7. Speaking of breakfast, I have no idea. But NOT speaking of breakfast, Squeezy has learned to say “no.” Only she pretty much just always says it whenever you say anything with a questioning tone.

“Squeezy, can you come here?” “No!” (probably a true no, and I will probably have to chase her)

“Squeezy, do you want your cup?” “No!” (probably an untrue no, and will most likely be followed by “DAAAAA,” which means please, or crying because I haven’t given her said cup)

“Squeezy, are you a good girl?” “No!” (entirely true but no less funny)

“Squeezy, what are your thoughts on the hypostatic union?” “No!” (apparently we need to work on her theology as well)

I love this age.

8. Speaking of . . . I have no idea, this morning I dressed Squeezy in her denim jumper and told my husband that I thought it was high time we all started dressing like homeschoolers.

Sometimes I crack myself up.

9. I’ve given up on speaking of.

10. Squeezy also learned something truly adorable this week. She learned to say her name. As in “Ohhhh, Squeezy” when she falls down or when something hurts. In this totally pathetic tone of voice. It’s extremely cute. She is talking up a storm these days. In addition to “No” and her name, she also says “pitty,” “go-go” (Lego), “EAT!!”, “Mommy,” “Daddy,” “Papa,” “Mama,” “What?”, “Weeeee,” “doggie,” “ducky,” “nana,” “Hi!”, “baby,” “shoes,” “ball,” “bear,” and I’m sure several others that I’m forgetting. I think this stage is so fun.

11. This week, Bubs asked while we were at the library if he could get a library card. So I said yes.

The rule of the library is that in order to get a card you have to be able to write your name on the back of it. Stinky really wanted a library card, so he’s been practicing like crazy.

And when Stinky puts his mind to something, well, he generally succeeds at it.

12. Tonight Art and I have a hot date. I am very excited about this. I think in celebration I shall take a nap.


5 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 22– Getting Down with My Slapdashy Self

  1. dressing like homeschoolers! aghhh!!! just say “no” to jumpers, pumps with socks, and scrunchies.

    have fun on your hot date.

    i should prob. be updating my blog, but reading yours is more fun.

  2. First, you are hilarious.
    Second, how can Squeezy be TALKING already? She was just born a few weeks ago, right? RIGHT?
    Third, I know I’ve got issues when I’m mourning how fast OTHER PEOPLE’s kids are growing up….

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