Baby Cheeks!

If you’ve been visiting this here blog of mine for awhile, you might remember Molly, whose maternity pictures I took last year in November.

Well, Molly is no longer pregnant (obviously), and her little B-man is now six months old!

And seriously, this little guy is the owner of some of the most edible cheeks I have ever seen, and that’s saying something.

See what I mean?

B was seriously so easy to photograph. He was totally easy going and just chilled and smiled that big gummy grin at his beautiful Mama.

I’m so used to chasing Squeezy around that I wasn’t sure what to do with a little on who actually stayed put! 🙂

Look at him! Isn’t he a doll? 🙂 And such an expressive little face. He kept cracking me up with faces like this one.

Molly was mean and wouldn’t really let him slide down the slide. Mothers these days. So overprotective of their six-month-old babies. 😉

For some reason I really like this next one. I don’t know if it’s the fuzzy little head, or the little legs sticking out, or perhaps it’s the cheeks. Because have I mentioned how I feel about the cheeks? Oh my. The cheeks.

Yeah. He’s cute. 🙂

Thanks for asking me to take B’s pictures, Molly. I can’t believe how big he’s getting. Such a cutie!

And for the rest of you, I have a big announcement coming soon about my photography. So pay attention! It’s exciting! 🙂


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