Slapdash Saturday edition 23– In Which I Blab On About Stuff and Also Things

So. Another week has gone by, and I’m sure many exciting things have happened. I’m hoping if I sit here long enough I’ll remember some of them.

Squeezy had her 15-month checkup on Monday. Never mind that she is 16 months old. I kind of forgot that she needed a checkup at 15 months. She is still well above the charts for height and weight. She is already 33″ tall. I read somewhere once that the height you are at 24 months is half the height you will be as an adult. If that’s true, both my boys will be around six feet tall, and Squeezy might just be taller than they are, lucky thing. I’m kind of hoping for her sake that she slows down a little bit.

In other news, y’all might not have realized it, but we started homeschooling this week. I know I haven’t really written much about it here. I’m like a closed book. πŸ˜‰

Our first week went really well. Squeezy isn’t sure what to do with the new routine but the boys seem to be really enjoying school. I’m sure the little one will get used to it too. I am looking forward to this week, because we’re adding in a couple of things and will be almost to our full workload. I’m just waiting for payday to buy grammar and spelling books for Bubs. So far we’re having a lot of fun with school, although both boys have asked when they’re going to get to do “real” work. Bubba’s is mostly review right now (necessary I think, but he wants to learn new stuff), and Stinky’s is all super easy so he’s now doing two math lessons and handwriting pages a day. I figure we can always slow down later if we need to.

I feel like all week I’ve been thinking of fun stuff I was going to write here, and now I can’t think of any of it. I hate that so much.

I did realize the other day as I was looking around on my computer that I never posted many of the pictures from our family reunion back last month. So I decided to just start posting them now. Better late than never, right? And pictures of my kids and my sister’s kids are definitely worth looking at, because we have the cutest children ever.

He is chasing a goose. Soon all the children were chasing the geese, and my mom and my sister and I were running away from the geese.

This is my sister trying to avoid geese.

At this point the boys had given up on the geese and had moved on to walking next to the water. You can determine for yourself which activity freaked out their mothers more.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but I think it’s pretty good of all the kids. They were just a little bit hot. It was SO miserable that day.

But never too hot for a roll down the hill. πŸ™‚

This one was taken later that evening, at the Second Annual Family Talent Show (the rules specifically state that it must always be capitalized). My niece got all dressed up pretty to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I don’t have many pictures from the talent show because we were taking videos instead.

Anyway, that’s probably enough for one day. I’ll put more on soon.

This coming week Art is taking the boys camping, so I’m sure we’ll have some exciting pictures and stories to share.

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday edition 23– In Which I Blab On About Stuff and Also Things

  1. I bet your neice was excited when she got a little sister and then a little girl cousin! You guys are opposite of my sister and I (we have LOTS of girls and not so many boys).

  2. Thanks for sharing your life with us. πŸ™‚ I bet the talent show was the funniest (and cutest) show ever!

    I am so afraid of geese I would have run very quickly in the other direction. They are mean!

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