Nate and Pam . . . and YOU

Today I would like to introduce you to some friends of mine. Their names are Nate and Pam.

I used to work with Pam, way back a million years ago when we were in college. Now we go to the same church.

They are a great couple. Lots of fun. We are blessed to know them.

And over in Ethiopia right now are a couple of children who will be blessed to call Nate and Pam their Dad and Mom.

(They just don’t know it yet.)

Ever since Nate and Pam announced that they were beginning the adoption process, I have been praying and wondering how I could help them. And the other day, I figured it out.

I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy it. And I think perhaps I have a tiny amount of talent. (Or at least I can fake it well). So I’m offering what I have– me, my time, and my camera– to Nate and Pam for a fundraiser.

Between now and winter (whenever the weather gets nasty; you know how Iowa is), I will do a photo shoot for you in exchange to a monetary gift to Nate and Pam’s adoption fund.

This is a great opportunity to get pictures taken for Christmas cards, birthdays, or whatever you want. And a wonderful opportunity to bring a couple sweet little children home to their parents.

I am not putting any kind of limit on this. Whatever amount you can give is good enough for me. I’ll take your pictures, edit them, and give you a cd and a release form. You can print them wherever and however you choose. And if you hate them, well, you’ve still given to a wonderful cause.

You can read Nate and Pam’s story at their blog, Our Story of Faith and Grace.

If you live in central Iowa and would like to schedule a session or to get more information, just leave a comment here and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. Or you can leave a comment on my facebook page, or email me if you have my email address. Or you can send a carrier pigeon. Just get in touch, mkay? 😉

Let’s help them bring their babies home.


17 thoughts on “Nate and Pam . . . and YOU

  1. oh you! i love that you are using the gifts God has belssed you with to bless someone else! wish i lived closer… or that you were coming to florida!

  2. How SWEET and thoughtful! I will definately let you know if I can use you and your talent before then… Im preggo though so I was thinking more after baby was born, in January.

  3. I think this is so wonderful, Erin. I wish we lived closer so we could participate properly. In the meantime, I’m praying about what we can do.

  4. Erin, your willingness to give your time & talent in this way has brought tears to my eyes.

    Pam & Nate are going to be AMAZING parents & we can’t get those kiddos in their arms fast enough (of course I have a slight arterial motive…I NEED some more nephews & nieces!).

    If you are game for it…I know a family with a few very active 2 year old boys that would stretch your photography skills to the max! {grin}.

    btw…Julie, (if you read these comments) hint, hint… Maternity pictures are so beautiful!

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