Slapdash Saturday, edition 24– I’m Pretty Sure It Was Just Saturday, Like, a Minute Ago

So apparently it’s Tuesday. I’m not exactly sure how that happened. So I’m posting Slapdash Saturday on Tuesday, because 1) it might as well live up to its name, b) I know you all would cry with deep despair if I forgot it, and finally) I feel like it.

Not that I have anything interesting to talk about.

Well, maybe a few things.

Last Sunday Art took the boys camping. I have all the pictures waiting to be edited, but still haven’t gotten around to it. I need to, because they had such a fun time and it really deserves a blog post. While the boys were out roughing it, Squeezy and I did laundry and ate ice cream and watched Praise Baby: My Father’s World, because, hello!? Girl’s Night, BABY! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, it was really nice that Art could take them on a Sunday night; one of the definite perks of this whole homeschooling gig.

Speaking of this homeschooling gig, we’ve now been in school two weeks. I have discovered that Bubs struggles with handwriting (knew it already) and math (didn’t realize it before), that Stinky struggles with short vowels (shoot me in the head, if I have to tell him what i says one more time I might lose my mind), and that Squeezy likes the pictures in A Child’s Garden of Verses. Stinky is going through his math book at the rate of two lessons a day; so far it’s been mostly shapes and colors and number recognition, and he’s really solid on that stuff. We’ll see how he does when we start with harder stuff. Bubs has cried over his math about four times. The kid obviously inherited my personal issues with the subject, lucky kid.

If you’re in central Iowa, I’d like to remind you of my fundraiser for Nate and Pam’s babies. I have one family lined up, one family that I’m probably going to do if we can ever get our schedules to coordinate, and a couple other people my mom has hooked me up with that I just need to confirm. Which leads me to this– if you live in or near Omaha and are interested in participating in this, let me know. My parents live out there and we could probably set up a photo shoot on a weekend we’re there. If you’re considering this, let me just encourage you to get in touch with me. A free cd of pictures in exchange for any size monetary gift– that’s a pretty good deal. And it’s for a wonderful cause. πŸ™‚

And with that, I’m done. Well, almost done. Being that it’s now halfway through Tuesday, I’m having issues remembering what happened last week. Which is why I should have edited the camping pictures, right? But since everything is better with pictures, I leave you with this lovely shot of our dog Rosie, sleeping with her head in Squeezy’s hat.

There’s a reason we call her faildog.


9 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 24– I’m Pretty Sure It Was Just Saturday, Like, a Minute Ago

  1. Can’t you PLEASE come out to Wyoming and take family pictures for us!?! It would be so fun/educational/helpful, etc, etc. …. expensive, *SIGH*.

    Oh, and I cannot stop laughing every time you mention your faildog – we have adopted the name for our faildog too! πŸ™‚

  2. you are right. i could not have lived without slapdash saturday/tuesday. because my week just isn’t as bright when it isn’t slap-dashy!
    so sorry you are in the eye poking stage of school. i sure hopes it gets better. maybe you need to wear swim goggles in case you get tempted again.
    it would take me about 23 hours & 53 minutes to get there for a farm safari. or photo shoot. i checked. i can’t come yet though.
    okay… i gotta go read another post and catch up…

  3. awh – wow… I thought of you yesterday, when I sat down with my own and started her on some preschool stuff. I am SO not ready for this. But she is, so here we go…

    Try singing the vowel sounds? Sometimes a song helps remember things differently.

  4. My son stuggles with math too… I feel for ya. ALSO is it to late in January to be of any help to Pam and her husband? I would like to do newborn pictures. I know I could do preggo ones but I just get so stinkin swollen when Im pregnant that I know I would hate myself in the pics.

  5. i always tell people that i taught preschool for 10 years because you only have to know how to count to 10..”1 2 3 4 9 6 7 8 5 20.” they think i am making a joke, but i am DEAD SERIOUS! math and i are NOT friends.

    my daughter emilie struggles with math, but guess what she doesn’t know it! she thinks she is good at it, and SHE LIKES IT! you can do that when your homeschooling. i think confidence grows competence.

    happy satuesday!

  6. AJ cries over his math quite often too. And his handwriting. And anything else that takes him longer than 5 minutes and that he actually has to use his brain for.

    Next week I will start to teach Megan to read. I have a feeling she will have the same short vowel issues that Sam has, and I’m already preparing myself to lose my mind.

  7. Katie adores her Math with all her heart and sould and despises English. She really struggles with blending the sounds and hearing the word. Abby adores phonics and just isn’t convinced she really needs to learn more about numbers since she can count to ten! It is amazing the thing syou discover about your kids when you are their teacher! Congrats on making it through 2 weeks! :o)

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