I think perhaps God painted tonight’s sunset just for me, a love letter splashed in blues and golds and silvers across the sky.

I forget, you know? Forget His love, His presence. Forget to come before Him in the morning and invite Him to walk with me through the day. He walks with me anyway, but I forget He is there when I neglect that invitation. I wish I didn’t forget.

He doesn’t forget, though, or choose to not remember, which is what I do more often if I’m honest. He is just always, always here, always beside and within and around and before. Always everywhere with me.

And so I drag my sick body into the van and turn the music up and drive these two little boys of mine out into the Iowa countryside and I sing along perhaps or answer questions or get annoyed by a line of bicycles or think about everything I could be doing at home if I wasn’t called upon to chauffeur. And I am tired and I don’t feel good and the baby’s sick and the kitchen’s a mess and I am forgetting Him and His grace and love which are the only things that can bring you through life when it’s like this, or when it’s like what your life is like right this very minute, all crazy and overwhelming.

Stop at the stop sign, flash the turn signal, turn left and right before me I see it, huge in the sky for everyone to see, but mostly for me to see, if you’ll allow me a bit of narcissism tonight.

Cloud and sun and glory and light and beauty all spilled in the heavens and streaming down to earth, and me without my camera. My camera could have never captured it anyway.

And I am still tired and hurting and busy and overwhelmed. But now I am mindful– mindful of His presence, His love, His grace and peace and His here-ness.

How great the love the Father has lavished upon me.


9 thoughts on “Lavish

  1. i am so like you… knowing He is walking right beside me, but not choosing to have a conversation with Him. see, but i love that you know that sunset was just for you… it reminds me all over again that grace & love are the best gifts around.
    sometimes i wonder though… does He paint me a sunset because i didn’t happen to notice the other beautiful creations He laid before me all day?
    i wish you had your camera… just a slice of His glory would satisfy me!

  2. There is one sunset He gave me that I will never forget. I will never forgive myself for not having a camera, either. The sky was royal that night – hues I have never seen, the sun going down over the mountains as we drove to the top to catch it.

    It was His passion in the sky. Oh the things He tells us about Himself, if we will only look!

    Yes. He is here. It is enough, isn’t it?

  3. I could have written this … only not quite so beautifully. What I mean to say is this: You’ve found words for my pain this week. I’ve been sick … and overwhelmed … and forgetful of God.

    This speaks to me, in the deepest possible places.

    From one Iowa girl to another, I offer my thanks.

    Love, Jennifer

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