Slapdash Saturday, edition 25– firsts, firsts, and more firsts

Hmmmm. Seems like I just did a slapdash saturday post a few days ago . . . can’t imagine why that would be . . .

So this week has been a bit on the incredibly ridiculous side. We’ve just had so much going on! Good things, but it gets tiring when we’re so busy. I’d like to say that this coming week will be calmer, but hahahahahahahaha.

Monday was, obviously, Labor Day. We went ahead and did school that day, because we weren’t doing anything else. I think that afterward we all regretted that decision. But we plugged away at it.

Tuesday there was grocery shopping and work and freezer cooking. I work two hours twice a week in the writing center at the college where Art works. I take the boys with me and they do computer stuff. Our internet connection is super slow, so a lot of the game sites and stuff just don’t work well on our computer. Bubs has started learning to type using this website. It’s slow going and I doubt he’ll be able to type well for a year or so, but it’s fun for him and I figure it will come in handy! I know he’ll be very relieved when he can start typing instead of hand writing his school work. Handwriting is not his most favoritest thing in the whole wide universe.

On Tuesday Bubs also took his first math test of second grade, and aced it. I’d like to say it’s thanks to my amazing teaching skills, but since it was pretty much all review of stuff he learned last year, I think his first grade teacher gets to take credit for it. But next time, I’ll be all about taking the credit.

Humility is so overrated.

(Just kidding!)

Wednesday was our field trip, which I whined wrote about on Friday, and it was also the first night of AWANA at our church. We have two Sparkies in our house now, and we shall not discuss what this fact does to my poor sad Mommy emotions.

I’m sure it will do your heart good to know that the reason they are smiling so big for this picture is that Stinky had just tooted. There is a reason I call him Stinky, you see.

It seems like it was about two weeks ago that Bubs was starting Cubbies, and now he’s in his last year of Sparks. Sob. Sniff.

Thursday Bubs started piano lessons! We’re so blessed that he can take them this year. His teacher is a lady that used to work with Art, and she is just one of the nicest people ever. I think he’s going to do great.

Friday was the first rehearsal/meeting of the choir that the boys are going to be participating in this year. It’s called Joy Singers, and they meet every Friday and they do a big spring concert and do concerts at nursing homes a couple times throughout the year. They also learn about musical instruments and do fun activities and stuff. Stinky is in the beginner choir and Bubs is in the primary choir. They get cute little button-down uniform shirts to wear when they sing. I don’t know if they care, but I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Such a good opportunity for them.

Yesterday Squeezy had her follow-up visit with the eye doctor, and we were glad to learn that the glasses seem to be doing their job. If the glasses don’t do their job, she will need a patch or even surgery, so we’re glad that we don’t have to worry about that.

If that week sounds crazy to you, you’re right. I did the freezer cooking mostly on Tuesday but didn’t finish it up till last night. Now my freezer is filled with all sorts of delightful things. A lot of you have asked about my freezer cooking days, so I’m planning another post here soon. Not right now though, because my fingers hurt.

Before I go, however, I would like to share that, unlike the boys, Squeezy has not attached herself to a special blanket. Instead, she has attached herself to a bear. A bear I got at a parade a couple years ago. She loves the thing. She gives it kisses. It’s cute. I love her.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 25– firsts, firsts, and more firsts

  1. freezer cooking, such a good idea. i do a bit of that and stock up for the rest of them month. i also do a lot of crockpot cooking. many meals can be transformed and make 3 meals from1.
    i find that a menu helps the most.

    i like you erin.

  2. I love her too. Squeezy, that is. Unless it is weird that I love her without ever having met her. In which case, I just think she is adorable and huggable and lovable in a totally not creepy, perfectly sane, very appropriate, hypothetical way.

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