Unwrapping the Good Stuff

It had been a rough day.

The kind of day where you haven’t slept well for more than a week and you’re just. so. tired. and the whole house is a mess and the baby is crying and your body aches and you’re worried about family members who are sick and hurting and you’ve just been so busy you haven’t had any time to relax and then a cup falls out of the cupboard when you open it and lands on a swollen joint in your arthritic hand and suddenly you are weeping into the soapy water in the kitchen sink while your family looks on in horror.

That kind of day. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has had that kind of day.

Somehow we got dinner on the table and then plates and food put away and kids in bed with many hugs and kisses. We did a little relaxing and some chatting and I took a sleepy pill and went to get into bed– and there it was, sticking out from under my pillow.

You know those times when you read blogs where the author is talking about this amazing, wonderful, sensitive, spiritual thing her kid did, and you think, my kid would never do something like that; I must be a terrible mother?

(Maybe it’s just me.)

I learned something about those kinds of moments. Those kids who are so thoughtful and generous and loving are the same kids who leave the toilet seat up, get more toothpaste on the bathroom counter than on their toothbrushes, and complain about having to set the table. It’s just that we moms like to remember the positive, so we don’t write about the flushed legos or the giant bedtime meltdown. We write about the good stuff.

And this is good stuff, something precious, God working through a seven-year-old boy to encourage his weak and tired mommy’s heart.

So you’ll forgive me if I brag about this little moment worth unwrapping, won’t you? And you’ll know that my kids are just like your kids, only cuter.

Of course I’m not in the least bit biased!

(well, maybe just a little.)

(can you blame me?)


15 thoughts on “Unwrapping the Good Stuff

  1. i will totally agree with you… even the cuter part. cuz my kids are a little past cute, and more on the way to handsome & beautiful 🙂

    i love that card. and i love that it was there right when you needed it. oh the big ways that God works through little hands!

  2. So, so sweet. It made me tear up!

    Isn’t it nice that we can store up & hold onto the great memories, and let the bad ones fade away. I hope my kids can do the same 🙂

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.


  3. Forgive you? Girl, I APPLAUD you!

    Way to honor the little person that loved you enough to trace out the heart and color it bright red for the one he adores.

    And yes, yes, of course they’re all naughty sometimes. But we hold on to the good. And you’re holding on to the good. Thank you for this.

    And it’s so beautiful.

  4. noah and i got into a yelling match last night. we were both tired. both coming undone at the same time. regardless he shouldn’t be disrespectful i shouldn’t be so quick to assume the worse.
    we walked away from each other heated.

    a few minuets later we wrapped our arms around each other. tight. i’m sorrys, and i forgive yous followed, but mostly holding each other tight.

    it’s not perfect around here either.

    but HE is.

    your children are CUTE!

    i’d baby sit them if i lived in iowa. 🙂

    and the sleeping pill. i took one too. going on 4hrs sleep today. boo.

  5. my question is: are your boys strategic? because mine will run me bow-legged all day long — then wait until i’m there, in front of that sinkful of dishes ready to just melt right on down — and say the sweetest, halo-wearing thing.

    i’m convinced it’s intentional …

    loved this post!

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