Slapdash Saturday edition 26– Hey! It’s Fall! No Wait, It’s Summer! No Wait . . .

So if you live in the Midwest, you already know that the weather for the last week has been a little neurotic, which drives me crazy, because I can only handle so much neurosis in my life and I think I provide more than enough, thankyouverymuch. Friday we drove to Omaha and boiled the whole way there (the AC in our van is dead). Saturday Mom and I went garage saling and it was COLD and also WINDY and WET. And did I mention COLD?

Art was in a class all last week, which is never my favorite thing in the universe. Recently Squeezy has decided she is Very Attached to her Daddy, which is lovely, except when he’s gone for hours and hours and hours every day for a week and she cries pretty much the whole time. It’s a wonder Stinky managed to learn anything last week, since pretty much the whole time I was trying to teach him adding Squeezy was standing between our chairs screaming her face off. But he somehow managed to learn how to add and now declares it to be his FAVORITE!

So maybe I’ve discovered a new teaching technique.

But I hope not, because it gave me a headache.

Speaking of headaches, Bubba started piano lessons a couple weeks ago and he *hearts* them with a great big puffy red heart of happiness. A friend gave us a keyboard several months ago for him to practice on, but it was missing the cord, so we had to order one from amazon. It came last week and the keyboard, while a blessing, is now my Pet Peeve. The boys have discovered all sorts of delightful things it can do, most of which include DRUMS! And SYNTHESIZED VOICES! And MAX VOLUME! And FIGHTING! I’m hoping that they’ll get bored with it soon, but in the meantime I’m thinking that some restrictions might be in order, since chucking it out the window is not allowed.

But seriously. I’m glad he can take piano lessons, I’m glad he enjoys them, and I’m glad we have a keyboard for him to practice on.

As of this moment, we have completed eighteen days of school. That’s like 1/10th of the year done, baby.

Friday we loaded up the van and headed to Omaha for the weekend. Not just because we like to visit my parents, which we do, but because this was the weekend of the Most Epic Garage Sale In The Universe. It’s a fundraiser for a hospital, and it’s held on the county fairgrounds, and they use every single building. Oh, it is happy.

So Saturday morning we got up and put on our Garage Sale Gear (Seriously, my mom has a garage sale t-shirt) and headed out in the rain because we are nothing if not dedicated to garage saling. We had to stop first to buy an umbrella, since we only had one between us and Mom does not share her umbrella because her hair requires full umbrella protection, so we went to Walgreens and bought an umbrella and when we got out to the car Mom couldn’t get her old umbrella to go down. Seriously. So she went back in and bought another umbrella, which took her umbrella spending total up to $14, which is like $200 in garage sale money.

She put her broken umbrella on top of the trash can outside Walgreens, and as we were backing out of the parking space we saw the umbrella blowing away like some kind of tumbleweed, only much wetter and also with yellow smiley faces all over it. So I had to get out of the car in the rain and cram the stupid thing into the trunk of her car.

We stopped at two banks (one for each of us) to make withdraws and then Mom noticed that the tire pressure light was on, which possibly could mean that the tire pressure was low, and being that we are two helpless women we had no choice but to go back to the house and have my dad fix it. Thankfully it was no big deal, and we were on the road by nine o’clock, by which point it was, you know, not raining anymore.

So Garage Sale Day got off to a slow and faily start, but after that it was awesome. We loaded up both the trunk of my mom’s car and her back seat with clothes and shoes and dishes and shoes and purses and linens and clothes and random items and books and did I mention clothes? Squeezy is going to be a very well-dressed toddler this fall, and Bubs now owns approximately 8 blue dress shirts. (We got a little carried away perhaps). And, not counting the umbrellas, we spent less than $60 all told. Mostly Mom spent that. She didn’t let me buy too much.

So we went home and showed our husbands all our loot (they loved that part, let me tell you, nothing makes them happier than second-hand towels) and then Dad made pancakes for dinner and then Art and I went out on a date and it was nice.

So yeah. Good week. Well, good Saturday. And that kind of made up for the rest of the week, which was ridiculous and stressful.

The end.


7 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday edition 26– Hey! It’s Fall! No Wait, It’s Summer! No Wait . . .

  1. i heart your mom! i do not share my umbrella either because of the hair. πŸ™‚

    i was laughing over your piano practice saga. sounds familiar. over time the piano playing doesn’t erk me anymore. they’ve been playing for 5 years. i think it stopped erking me two years in. i decided it is good noise, opposed to the other fighting, bickering, arguing noise.

    splash dance saturday is so fun, even on monday!

  2. You know what makes me sad? The fact that I don’t get to participate in these fun family activities.

    But I’m glad you had a fun time.

  3. love that you labeled this “the crazy” !! cuz it kinda was. i’m still giggling about the runaway umbrella… and the new ones that you didn’t even need!

    i think that you might need headphones for that keyboard!! maybe will help with headaches πŸ™‚ and keep art around for squeezy… OR send her with him πŸ™‚ that would be fun!!!

    happy week… hope it is looking better!

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