Slapdash Saturday edition 27– 1334 Words Proving I Should Blog More Often

So yeah. I’ve been meaning to blog all week, except, you know, I had other things going on. Really important things, too, like reading message boards and emailing my sister about my hairstyling woes. So here it is Saturday, and the last thing I wrote was last week’s Slapdash Saturday, and that’s just kind of sad, really.

I just haven’t felt like writing. Unless it was to my sister in regards to my hair’s extreme lack of body.

I know they say that when you don’t feel like writing you should just do it anyway, and eventually it will start flowing. But every time I’ve opened up the Add New Post page in WordPress, the cursor has sat there mocking me with its little blinky self, and I’ve ended up closing the tab in frustration and playing another rousing game of Scramble on WordPress. I have the highest score of all my friends except one. I’m about 99% sure she cheated. It was a really happy day for me when I beat my brother-in-law’s score. Well, actually, it was a really happy middle of the night a few months ago when Squeezy was going through her “I refuse to sleep, like, ever” stage. Now she’s going through her “I refuse to sleep at naptime” stage, but at least she’s usually sleeping at night.

I can’t believe I just typed that. I have cursed myself to being up with her fourteen times tonight.

Anyway. This has been another thrilling week around here. I took Bubs to the doctor because he was complaining that he was having a hard time breathing. Now he gets to take an inhaler, but I’m not sure it’s making much difference. Bubs also got bifocals this week. Yes, that’s right. My not-even-eight-year-old now has bifocals. And not the pretty line-free ones, oh no. Apparently when they’re young they insist on the lined kind so that the kid can easily differentiate between the two lenses. The whole thing has been a bit frustrating for me. I just feel like it’s sad he needs them so young. But he doesn’t seem to care, and they do seem to be helping him, so I suppose I should be thankful. 🙂

The children are still trying to kill me via the keyboard. I have had to turn it off for my own sanity more than once. No one should fall asleep with the demo song from an electronic keyboard stuck in their head; I’m just saying. But the good news is that yesterday Art discovered that Squeezy thinks the keyboard is great fun.

I think she sat there for more than an hour just poking at the keys. We kept changing up the sounds to make it more exciting for her.

The good news is that she does not know how to make the demo song play.

It should be a sign of how many times the boys have played the demo song that I actually prefer Squeezy’s random tuneless pounding.

Of course, I might also be biased because this was one of the few times she wasn’t crying, screaming, throwing toys at me, or generally making a nuisance of herself all day. The child has decided that she doesn’t want to wait for two to be terrible. Sigh. At least she’s cute.

This is what she did when she got bored with playing the piano. She kept saying “I see you!” and smooshing her face on the bars of the chair. She’s such a dork. A cute dork. But a dork.

This week Stinky dropped his glasses in the toilet. That’s a pretty good summary of my week, now that I think about it.

Jupiter is really close to earth right now, and Wednesday night on our way home from AWANA we could see it shining really brightly right under the beautiful full moon. The boys were pretty excited because we’ve been studying space, and I said that maybe we would be able to look at it through the telescope one of these days. So last night, in spite of the universe’s attempts to prevent it, Art set the telescope up in the front yard and we got a chance to see Jupiter.

(sorry for the poor quality of these pictures; I didn’t really know what I was doing in the dark and I couldn’t find the little thingamajig that hooks the camera to the tripod. And also, it made Art a bit cranky when I tried to use the flash; can’t imagine why!)

We don’t have a fabulous telescope, and the kids (and possibly their mother) kept bumping it, so it was kind of hard to see a lot, but we did all get a view of Jupiter (a big white blob) and four of its moons (little white pokes of light) all in a row.

Supposedly you can also see Uranus up there, because it’s really close to Jupiter in the sky right now, but we couldn’t find it. Like I said, our telescope isn’t very powerful.

So I have to include this next picture, which I took while Art was fiddling with the telescope.

I have no idea why Bubs doesn’t have his glasses pushed up. After I took it he said, “Mom, my smile might look a little weird in that picture. But I’ve been looking in the mirror and I think my smile looks nice when I just put the corners of my mouth up a little bit.”

I don’t know why but that completely cracks me up. Who knew that making faces in the mirror was genetic?

(Yes, I do obsessively make faces in the mirror. Does that make you lose respect for me?)

Three weeks ago I bit the bullet and went on a diet. I haven’t weighed myself since Monday, but as of Monday I had lost five pounds. I’m pretty happy about that. Right now my biggest issue is exercise. Because of my arthritis I can’t do anything that is high impact. And because of the ridiculous weather, I haven’t been able to go walking outside as much as I had hoped. So the other day I decided to dig through my (very dusty) collection of workout DVDs and see if there was anything I could handle.

Basically it came down to Tae Bo and Richard Simmons. And I knew if I attempted Tae Bo I would probably die. So I put the Richard Simmons one in. I know. If you just want to back slowly out of the blog and run really fast in the opposite direction, I totally do not blame you.

Richard and I lasted twenty minutes. Not because I couldn’t handle the workout (well, maybe a little because I couldn’t handle the workout), but mostly because a) it was all 80’s music, and while I respect those of my readers who enjoy 80’s music, to me it brings back painful memories of the mullet I had in elementary school; b) if Richard said “you’re number ONE” to me one more time I was going to throw something through the television; c) there was a lady on there who disturbed me; and d) my husband was due home any minute and I didn’t want him to catch me doing a Richard Simmons video, especially since Richard was wearing a sparkly red shirt.

Thankfully, once we get past this wet weekend, next week we are supposed to have nice weather, so Richard and his clothing and hair issues can stay hidden in the DVD drawer along with Billy Blanks and the maternity fitness DVD I only used once.

This blog post is so long. This is why I should post during the week, huh?

Just some links and then I’ll get out of your hair.

I made these pumpkin pancakes today and they’re pretty yummy. And only 75 calories apiece!

We have spent some time today being amused by The Akinator.

Our whole family enjoyed these pictures from around our solar system.

Have a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday edition 27– 1334 Words Proving I Should Blog More Often

  1. Richard Simmons is a masterful blend of annoying, hilarious and creepy. I think it best that you continue to hide him in the DVD drawer.

    But as for Gracie, oh my, she is cuter than cute. I see her peering at me as I type this comment and I’m wishing I could reach through the screen and hug that sweet girl. (Sorry about the napping thing. Hope the napping/ sanity is restored soon!)

  2. cracking up over and over again! are you sure it was the red sparkly shirt that you didn’t want art to see?! but good for you- i need to be following in your footsteps and dig out one of those exercisey things! (no richard here though!) anyway, i am thankful for facebook, cuz then i don’thave to miss you when the blog cursor is mocking you.

  3. i am almost as behind as you on posting. don’t know when i am going to catch up.

    richard simmons? yes, continue to hide him in the dvd drawer. i have some leslie sandsome walking dvd’s. she is okay. they aren’t to difficult, but at least get me moving, and i can do as little as a mile to 3 miles in the comfort of my family room.

    and 5lbs that is great! but know that i think you are beautiful just as you are.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, Rach also had bifocals for a while. Because she could see fine at distances but need them for close up. She eventually grew out of them and he probably will too! Love that last shot of Squeezy! ❤

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