What She Says

She’s growing every day, and learning new words, and new ways to be naughty.

The naughty isn’t so cute. But the words?

Seriously cute. And sometimes also naughty.

Motherhood is so confusing.

But in spite of the confusingness, and the naughtiness, and the lack of cohesive sentences in this blog post, I want to remember the funny way she talks, because toddler talk is precious and doesn’t last very long.

So I now present to you:



The Unauthorized Unofficial Uncomprehensive Squeezy Bug Dictionary

ah-ah: I want to listen to my favorite song.

ah-dun: all done. Generally yelled while throwing bits of dinner on the floor.

ah-gahn: all gone. Likely to precede a meltdown.

ah-ee: toes, or feet. We’re not sure exactly.

ah-MEEE!: amen. Used after “in Jesus’ name” at the end of prayers. Sometimes just randomly yelled shortly after “EAT!”

ahp!: up. often yelled when the gate at the bottom of the stairs is between her and her goal.

ah-puh: literally: apple. means: apple, tomato, pear, peach, squash, strawberry, raspberry

ah-see-you: literally: I see you! means: I am holding something random in front of my face and I want you to acknowledge me. I may or may not be looking through the random item. I may or may not be able to actually see you.

BAAAAAAA!: what a sheep says, currently used 95% of the time for any animal sound.

bah: literally: ball. means: ball, plum, watermelon, cantaloupe, light bulb, blueberry

bee-bee: baby

bee-you: bear. Sometimes says “rowr.” Sometimes says “BAAAA!”

bop-bop: a weird lizard bath toy left here by her cousin.

buh-bye?: literally: goodbye. means: I want to leave RIGHT NOW!

cah-cah: cracker

come?: literally: come. means: I want you to pick me up now.

cup: cup. Only acceptable when filled with milk or juice.

da: please.

dah-dee: doggy

Dah-ee: Daddy

don-don-don: literally: down down down. means: We are going down the stairs. Or, I want to go down the stairs. Or, I am about to launch myself down the stairs so you might want to grab me quick!

doo-doo: toilet paper tube. Used for making “doot doot” noises.

EAT!: literally: eat! means: If you do not put me IN my chair and put food in front of me THIS MINUTE I am going to cry, scream, throw things, and run away with the forks you have used to set the table

ee-ee: monkey. Says “BAAAA!”

guh-gow: literally: good girl! means: I just did what you told me to and you failed to offer positive reinforcement in a timely manner. alternately: I’m doing something naughty. Just ignore me.

guh-guh: Lego

hat: hat. Bears the connotation of “put this hat on your head and do not take it off for any reason or I will cry and scream and possibly fling myself dramatically on the floor.”

hup: help. Used when she can’t do something, unless she’s in a bad mood, at which point she bypasses this word and goes straight to crying.

Ma-ma: Grandma

mmmmmmmmmmAH!: kisses. given to stuffed animals, her own arm, and Mommy’s slippers. Almost never given to actual people.

Mommy: literally: Mommy. means: I only said your name because you are not meeting my perceived needs fast enough.

mow: (rhymes with cow): kitty. Says “BAAA!”

na-nah: banana. and sometimes corn on the cob. Always said with a tone of greatest excitement.

no: literally: no. means: you just asked me a question and I’m going to say no, even though the answer is probably yes. Then I’m going to cry when you don’t give me the carrots I just said I don’t want.

no no!: I am about to do something naughty.

Oh! Pwitty!: literally: oh! pretty! means: I see a flower or something shiny and I am preparing to destroy it as soon as I possibly can. Used especially for flowers and jewelry.

oh, sah-ee-gay-see!: literally: oh, sorry Squeezy! means: Mommy, you got my hair stuck in the bib snap again.

Pa-pa: Grandpa

sahhhhhhs: soft. Used especially for Grandpa’s beard and Mommy’s slippers. And the dog. And our hair.

Sahm: Stinky

soo: shoe

sot: sock

wa-see-gay-see?: literally: what do you see, Squeezy? means: I see something interesting.

WEEEEEEE!: I want to go on the swing.

Wo-see: Rosie

Yi-Yen: Bubs


7 thoughts on “What She Says

  1. One of Danielle’s words was “Biesh” which meant fan. We couldn’t figure it out for several weeks, until we remember we told her “don’t touch the fan, it bites”

  2. Wow, this is so detailed!!! I can’t wait till Natalie talks! I was remembering today how I used to keep track of everything Zachary said, and I hope I’ll take time to do the same with Natalie, too! πŸ™‚ She is such a cutie! πŸ™‚

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