Slapdash Saturday, edition 28– Ooh, Look at the Creative Title!

I am just so thrilled that it is time for another Slapdash Saturday, since I have no idea what to talk about.

I guess I could start with the entirely gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. It has been awesome. I love me some fall. I feel like it’s flying away already though, since the weather people are saying we could have frost tonight. I am not okay with this. Fall in Iowa = awesomeness. Winter in Iowa = despair and hopelessness.

Stinky’s sixth birthday is coming up on Friday, and my heart is really not okay with that fact. I also have no idea what to get him for his birthday. The kid is nearly impossible to buy for, especially since I’m not a fan of junk and stuff and never ending toys. My kids play most with art supplies, but we’ll probably get them for both of the boys at Christmas. It’s a conundrum, I tell you.

Yesterday I got to meet up with a friend I met on a message board and take her girls’ pictures. The photo shoot itself deserves its own post, but I think this is a good place for this picture.

Can you believe how well all those kids sat for this picture? I kind of can’t. My boys were seriously hot and sweaty by this point. They played on the playground for more than an hour while I took pictures of Denise’s daughters. Bless Art for being willing to come along. Squeezy got a little ornery toward the end.

Tonight I am taking senior pictures for a young man from church. It will be my first time doing senior pictures, so it should be exciting! 🙂 Both these photo shoots are for my fundraiser for Nate and Pam. I still have some slots available, so if you’re interested let me know. Christmas is coming, and photos make great Christmas gifts and cards! 😉

Squeezy has starting calling noses “beeps.” Because we beep her nose all the time. I’m mostly including this fact to make my sister-in-law Karen happy. She is a fan of the nose beep. I never said I married into a normal family.

In completely unrelated news, I really enjoyed this series on Dollar Store Crafts of cheap homemade costume ideas. I’m not sure if I’ll be using any of them or not, but I think she had some great cheap fun ideas. I really like the paper doll costume, but I doubt Bubs or Stinky would go for that, and Squeezy is still too little. Although–

Bahahahahaha. I do amuse myself.

And since I am an equal opportunity mean Mommy, here’s Bubs as Rapunzel

I am totally cracking myself up right now.

So, in spite of the fact that ugh, I am so not ready, my freezer attests to the fact that it is time for another freezer cooking day. I’m planning to cook on Wednesday, and I am super excited because Nanci from 30 Day Gourmet sent me a copy of their Big Book of Freezer Cooking, and I am going to use some of the recipes from the book this time. So I will definitely post a review of the book next week. I’m sure my family will be excited to try some new recipes. 🙂

Anyway, I think that’s enough fun for one day around here. Hope y’all are having an entirely beautiful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 28– Ooh, Look at the Creative Title!

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a freezer cooking day, but we have a tiny freezer, and are renting right now with no space for a big one 😦 But one of these days….

    And I’m amazed that you have all of those kids sitting still for a photo! Well done 🙂

  2. Yay, glad you liked the series, and your photoshop Rapunzel is hilarious! 🙂 My boys don’t want to wear any of the costumes we already made, either. They want to be Backyardigans… so even though I’ve made about 10 halloween costumes already, I have to make some more. Ha ha, kids! 🙂

  3. oh your title! it was super creative 🙂 but you know me… i can’t live without slap-dashery!

    as awlays, you cracked me up… and those paper dolls- how fun! and your kids are so good to let you dress them up!

    how about a magazine subscription for his birthday? i love ranger rick 🙂

    hope the frost stayed away… and that you can have plenty more autumn. i will not even try to steal it again… since winter sounds not-so-lovely there, i guess you really need fall 🙂

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