Tuesday Morning Coffee

I’m very proud of myself for remembering that today is coffee day. Last week I was a day late, as you’ll remember. But the good thing about virtual coffee is it always tastes good. Of course, some of you told me last week that you don’t drink coffee, which is very sad, but rest assured that I also have hot chocolate (with marshmallows if you want them!), hot apple cider (from a mix I’m afraid), and a selection of hot teas. What can I say, we are a family who loves our hot beverages.

But I’m having coffee in the Happy Coffee mug, of course. Otherwise how would I get through my day?

If you came over for coffee this morning, you’d want to go to the bathroom before you came. Trust me. My bathrooms are in need of some serious scrubbing.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d tell you that I have a very busy day today and shouldn’t be stopping for coffee and conversation at all. But I’d also tell you that I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll stay awhile (at least till your bladder can’t stand it any longer).

If you came over for coffee this morning, I might make you help me clean out my refrigerator, because this afternoon Bubs and I are going grocery shopping for freezer cooking day, and there’s no room in my fridge right now for all that food. I’d tell you that I’m making poor Bubs come along to push a second cart, because last month I needed two carts, and I’m not coordinated enough to push one and pull one. He’d probably chime in at this point and say he is not excited about going grocery shopping with me. I don’t blame him. I’m not excited either.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d tell you that my photo shoots this past weekend went really well, and I’d probably show you some of the shots on my computer. And I’d tell you that I have another shoot this coming weekend, of a really big family group, and that I have a feeling it’s going to be crazy. And I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me that you think I’m going to do great. I can use all the confidence boosters I can get.

If you came over for coffee this morning, you’d probably notice that Bubs is wearing an eye patch. Today is his first day wearing it, and he’s very disappointed that it doesn’t look like a pirate patch. I’d tell you that I have mixed feelings about all this; he’s been wearing glasses since he was three, and now he wears bifocals and a patch, and I am afraid that we’re going to be looking at eye surgery eventually. I’m sure you wouldn’t blame me for being a little leery about that idea. But he’s cool with the bifocals and the patch, and has big plans to dress as a pirate for Halloween. We’ll see about that. I still have hopes of dressing all three kids in related costumes. But I haven’t thought of a good theme. So we’ll probably end up with a pirate and a princess and who knows what else.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d tell you that Stinky’s birthday is Friday and that we have gotten him a few presents but not enough yet. And I’d tell you how hard he is to buy for, because he always just wants to do whatever Bubs is doing. And I’d tell you that in spite of that, I’m pretty happy with what we’ve gotten him so far.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d tell you that I have absolutely no idea what we’re having for lunch, because there is nothing in this house and I’m not going shopping till afterwards. And I might ask your your opinion on serving my children scrambled eggs and barbecue potato chips for lunch. And you’d probably feel very sorry for my kids.

Hope you have a beautiful day!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee

  1. Thanks for the coffee…I am imagining it is delicious!

    If I was there for coffee, I might suggest that your children do “Peter Pan” for Halloween. It’s perfect…a pirate, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell (basically a princess)!

    Hope the shopping isn’t to rough! I would love to watch you do one of these freezer days. I often make two of what I am cooking and freeze one, but I have never done the gigantic cooking day. I can’t imagine how you get it done with what must be a 1,000 interruptions (if you children are anything like mine)!


  2. that happy coffee mug makes me happy across the miles. and if i was coming for coffee i’d seriously have to use the bathroom once i got there even though i used it before i left (like my mama taught me) cuz it is a loooong ride. and i could just close my eyes šŸ™‚

    sounds like you have a full day of fun. fridge cleaning AND shopping šŸ™‚ wow. i hope Bubs was a good cart-pusher. my kids still run over my ankles… ouch.

  3. That’s funny…I gave my kids scrambled eggs for lunch on monday, because that’s all I had in the house. Again…love the happy coffee mug. It always makes me smile.

  4. i’d probably offer to clean your bathrooms. i am a whiz (no pun intended) at cleaning toilets. i’ve thought about vlogging my toilet cleaning abilities.

    i’d say “argggg” to your pirate boy.

    as you scrambled your eggs, i’d clean your fridge for you (i know i’m weird. i like to clean). i’d tell you the saltiness of the chips would pair well with the scrambled eggs.

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