Makeing our balloon solar system

a guest post by Bubs

first we measured ribon. It whas wite. We cut it out in sizes. Then we blew up balloons sun Jupiter saturn uranus and Neptune.

dad came home. He blew up Mercury. Its funny. It looks like a dead fish Hanging in space. We hung up the sun and Mercury. We made Venus and Mars out of red play-dow. Mom made earth and pluto out of sticy tack.

We hung up Venus, earth, Mars Jupiter. We made rings for Saturn and then we hung it up. Then we hung up uranus, Neptune and pluto.

Thank you for sharing with us today, Bubs. I hope you can return and do another guest post soon.


8 thoughts on “Makeing our balloon solar system

  1. This is so fabulous. I didn’t realize how small the earth is in comparison to some of the other planets. Wow!

    Bubs, you did a FABULOUS job writing your first blog post!!

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