Slapdash Saturday, edition 29: Anyone Want a Cupcake?

So, I may have mentioned it once or twice, but Stinky turned six yesterday. I made a tower of cupcakes for his birthday instead of a regular cake, and we have kind of a lot of cupcakes left over. So feel free to come on over and I’ll give you one and the kids can show off the solar system, which took so much time to make that I just can’t bring myself to tear it down yet, even though it is hanging in the middle of my living room. My dad sent me this comic this morning, and, yeah. It is an accurate depiction of my life.

What’s that? You want to see pictures of Stinky’s little birthday celebration? Well, if you insist . . .

Bubs made this card for Stinky. It says “Happy Christmas, no wait, it’s your birthday.” He thought it was very hilarious.

I found this tube of space stuff at Michael’s on Thursday night, and it filled my heart with joy. Stinky is notoriously hard to buy for, but this is his kind of thing.

I think he liked it just a little.

We also got him a watch. He bought himself one from the dollar store a few months ago, which lasted about as long as you’d expect, so we got him a slightly nicer one.

This is the moment when Art showed Stinky how the watch lights up when you push a button.

And here is the traditional “loot pic,” with all his presents. (Although he will be getting a few more next weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s house).

Ignore the psychotic expression. He was totally hopped up on sugar and birthday joy.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he couldn’t tell me even one thing. He said, “Whatever you get me will be okay, I just like getting presents even if they’re not what I wanted.” Which is so cute but made me want to scream. Finding that tube of space stuff was the biggest blessing. It was a huge hit and currently he is running around the living room with one of the shuttles, making engine noises with his mouth and flinging saliva about the room with reckless abandon.

I think he had a pretty good birthday. The boys had home school choir yesterday, and his class sang happy birthday to him and he handed out lollipops to everyone and got to be the center of attention for awhile. When we were leaving, one of the little girls in his class was jumping up and down going “that’s the birthday boy, Mommy! That’s him, right there!”

Sometimes I worry that Stinky gets lost in the shuffle around here. It was good for him to get to be a celebrity, even if it did require the bribing of his friends with dum-dums. šŸ˜‰

Yesterday afternoon we did another science project about space. We are using Exploring Creation with Astronomy, thanks to my awesome sister, and it has some great projects in it. This one involved lining up paperclips to show the relative distances of the planets from the sun and from each other. Mercury was four paperclips from the sun. Pluto was 392 paperclips from the sun. We lined all the paperclips up on the sidewalk in front of our house and only got a few weird looks. I didn’t get any pictures though, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Squeezy has a pair of footie pajamas with monkeys on them and they are possibly the cutest things in the whole world when she’s in them. Something about a toddler in footie pajamas. Seriously cute.

I am posting this picture from Stinky’s six-year-old photo shoot because it makes me happy.

That photo shoot about killed me, I gotta say. First, Art was working so I had all the kids with me. We went to the party outlet to buy SIX balloons. A bag to hold them down in the van was $1 (seriously?) so I skipped it and had the boys hold them in the back seat. Half a mile down the road from the party outlet, the orange balloon had a size 13 tennis shoe put through it. So Stinky’s six-year photo shoot involved FIVE balloons.

While we were at the park, Squeezy was in the stroller, and I told Bubs he could push her as long as he stayed near me and didn’t go too fast. Which, of course, explains why at one point I heard panicked yelling, turned around, and saw the stroller almost completely tipped over and Squeezy barely hanging on (thank goodness I remembered to buckle her in! Seriously!). Of course they were also REALLY far away. A guy that was there playing frisbee golf got there first and rescued them both. I’m sure he thought I was a fabulous mother. Sigh.

Oh well, at least I got some cute pictures, right? In the end that’s all that really matters. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t spend my entire Saturday here on my computer. Although it’s tempting, especially since my RA is being especially ridiculous this morning. Stupid RA.

I’m hoping later today to have the senior shoot I did last weekend up on here, and this afternoon I’m taking family pictures, which promises to be a thrill. šŸ˜‰ Also, on Monday I’m guest-posting at the Home School Village, and I’m super excited about it.Ā  So lots of fun stuff going on around here on this beautiful autumn Saturday.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday, edition 29: Anyone Want a Cupcake?

  1. fun week for you.

    bw- bill nye the science guy has a planet video where he rides his bike to give an example to the distance between the planets. most of bill’s videos are safe (stay away from the evolution videos)for kiddos.

    some segments you can download at you tube.
    another good science resources (magic school bus video, games, & worksheets).

    happy schooling.

  2. oh happy day. christmas, birthday… both! haha šŸ™‚ glad your saturday was slap-dashy again… looks like the birthday boy is pretty happy to be six!

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