Tuesday Morning Virtual (and indeed, completely imaginary) Coffee

So. It’s Tuesday. And I am caught unprepared, without even a picture of the Happy Coffee Mug to post. So you’ll have to conjure up your own virtual hot beverage this morning, I’m afraid. I’m writing from the library so no coffee for me.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d have to tell you all about the past weekend, especially since I’ve been remiss in posting. I’d tell you how I had a senior photo shoot on Saturday morning, and a family shoot on Sunday afternoon, and all that while visiting my family in Omaha. And I’d tell you how we went to the Western Historic Trails Museum in Council Bluffs to kick off the unit study on Lewis and Clark that the boys are doing, and how I took about a bajillion pictures that I have not had time to edit because, hello? Two photo shoots this weekend and one from last weekend that isn’t all edited yet. Well, I did post this one on facebook. So I guess you can see this one.

Β I just ripped it right off my facebook. The rest, you’ll just have to take my word that I took them.Β Trust me, they were great pictures. Maybe if I ever get around to posting a slapdash saturday for last week I’ll get some of them posted.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d tell you that this afternoon I’m driving back to Omaha, this time by myself, because my dad is having back surgery tomorrow morning and I don’t want my mom to have to sit alone through that. And I’d tell you that I’m just really praying that this helps my dad because he’s been in a lot of pain for two months now. And I’d probably show you the very detailed lesson plans I’m leaving for Art so the boys can do school tomorrow, because they’re all going to be stuck at home without a vehicle so I figured they need stuff to do.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d probably have to interrupt our chat to go switch the laundry out. Because I was so busy yesterday making detailed lesson plans that I didn’t have time to actually do the laundry, and now I’m panicking that the kids won’t have clean underwear tomorrow. Which is silly, because since when do my boys actually care about wearing clean underwear?

If you came over for coffee this morning, you would notice that Squeezy isn’t wearing her glasses today. Right before we left my parents’ house on Sunday evening, she ran into the edge of the table. We didn’t notice till we were halfway home that one of the lenses was missing from her glasses. My dad found it on their floor, so I’m going to get it tonight. And hopefully have time to run into the eye doctor’s to get it fixed because the screw is missing too.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d tell you all about how Bubs is preparing to participate in NaNoWriMo. Today he’s working on developing the main character for his novel: a green alien spy named Emma. I don’t know about you, but I am seriously excited to see what he comes up with. It’s sure to be epic. And I’ll be sure to share it with you.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’d have to show off how Stinky is almost halfway done with his kindergarten math book, and how he is starting to sound out three-letter words. After all the trouble he had learning his short vowel sounds, this is truly wonderful. Soon he’ll be reading exciting sentences like “Tom has a cub.” Which is awesome.

If you came over for coffee this morning, I’m pretty sure I’d need a second cup. I didn’t sleep well last night. I’d pour you a second one too, and give you a chance to chatter away about your life and your family and your thoughts. I actually am a pretty good listener. Oddly enough my blog doesn’t really showcase that side of me. πŸ˜‰ And I’d tell you how thankful I am you could stop by this morning, and ask you to pray for my dad tomorrow morning.

Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

join me for coffee!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Virtual (and indeed, completely imaginary) Coffee

  1. Your son is doing NaNoWriMo?? I’m so jealous! I’m planning to do it next year, by which time I will hopefully have a PhD and never have another care in the world. That’s generally how those things go, right?

    Praying for your dad’s health and your family.

  2. Whoa! you lost me with ‘NaNoWriMo’! Is it animal, vegetable or machine? LOL…..
    It’s been 25 years since i had a kid in school….things have certainly changed.

    Prayers for your dad of course….hugs too for you.

  3. if we were having coffee i’d hug you and tell you i’ve got your back, and your dad’s in prayer.

    God go before erin’s dad in surgery. provide his every need. give him and all loved ones Your peace. make that peace flow over them like a rushing river. God lead the doctors in wisdom, be their hands performing the surgery. God we ask for healing. You are God we know You, and that every thing, everyone, and every situation is Yours. above all else we pray for your will, and for you to be glorified.

  4. If I came over for coffee I would take the time to hold your hand and whisper a prayer for your dad and mom and for you and your whole family, that God’s provision would be in abundance and would sooth one’s fretful soul.


  5. i would love to be there for coffee… even imaginary coffee! laura is planning on writing next month, too πŸ™‚ i hope i can bear to read whatever she has written (i know, bad mom, right?! but i don’t care for sci-fi!)
    gosh, denise prayed such a nice prayer up there… so i’ll just add my thoughts to hers πŸ™‚ and i think it is so nice that you will be there with your mama. i never knew that was a nice thing to do until someone sat with me for eric’s heart surgery a million years ago.
    and squeezy’s glasses? sorry… didn’t mean to laugh. but i just couldn’t help myself!
    love ya! drive carefully!

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