Slapdash Saturday editions 30 and 31, the Virtual Coffee Edition

So I’ve been a bit lame with the posting on this blog lately, which is why I’m doing two week’s worth of Slapdash Saturdays AND a virtual coffee all on a WEDNESDAY.

This is what we call a Fail around this house.

Today I’m drinking Ethiopian coffee that we bought at Nate and Pam’s fundraising garage sale. They made more than $1000; isn’t that awesome? This is some good coffee, too. And you can buy it online and help with their adoption. How cool is that! Just click on this link right here and it will take you to their fundraising site at Just Love Coffee.

I’m trying to remember what we did during the two weeks that I failed to post Slapdash Saturdays. I have no idea. One day I think involved Art and the boys outside setting leaves on fire with a magnifying glass.

I tried to do it but couldn’t. Maybe it’s a guy thing? That’s my bet.

And we went to Omaha. Well, actually, I went twice. That’s part of why I haven’t posted. It’s been a bit overwhelming around here lately. Too much going on. I still haven’t edited most of the pictures from our trip to Omaha. See? LAME.

I did do this one.

Isn’t he a booger? If you were here for coffee he’d probably entertain you with amusing stories. And play the keyboard for you. And you’d be so excited you came. (I promise I’d give you extra coffee if he turned on the song demo thing. Oh my word.)

Art took this picture. It’s 100% pure Stinky. Love it.

And I really love this too.

Art had to carry her quite a ways because I was an idiot and didn’t bring the stroller.

People have asked about my dad. He’s doing well and is very eager to have the staples removed from his back tomorrow. He sent a picture of the staples but I will be nice and not post that picture. I also promised him not to post the pictures of him in his hospital gown and compression stockings online. Those were taken mostly so the kids would be able to see how he was doing. So since I can’t post any surgically-oriented pictures of my dad, I’ll just post this one instead.

The fall colors are way prettier here than they were in his hospital room anyways.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d tell you that we still have not made it to the pumpkin patch. How awful is that? We planned to go today but the winds are ridiculous so we’re waiting till tomorrow. We have to go. Squeezy must have her picture taken in a pile of pumpkins. Assuming they have any pumpkins left. Sigh.

In case you wondered, this is what she looked like last year at the pumpkin patch.

Oh those little cheeks! Eek!

And if you came over for coffee today, I would send you home with some pumpkin chip cookies, because I made WAY TOO MANY and we’re all going to look like pumpkins if I don’t get rid of them soon.

Oh, and I’d have to show you this picture, and we would have to have a conversation about ways to welcome people into your city.

Because seriously, Council Bluffs? That doesn’t say “welcome to Iowa” so much as it says “the machines have taken over and we’re going to eat your children.”

And in case you wondered, there are four of them. And they’re all equally as attractive.

And now, the natives are getting restless, and since you’re not really here and therefore can’t entertain them with whatever awesome thing you do to entertain kids, I’m going to have to close and bust out the school books. Oh yeehaw.

Maybe I should get another cup of coffee first.

join me for coffee!


8 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday editions 30 and 31, the Virtual Coffee Edition

  1. i am laughing out loud!! yes, i love you serious & slapdashy EQUALLY 🙂
    your fall photos made me ooo and ahhh and i was ready to get in the car and come to iowa… until i saw that crazy-kid-eating-welcome sign. i think i’ll hang out here a bit longer. like unti you let me know the wind has blown all four of those things over! yikes!
    (and that pic of your dad is perfect… MUCH better than any medically-type pic! and i’m glad he is doing a-ok!)

  2. My parents, along with my sister and her family live over in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, and she says there have been a lot of car accidents over where those “sculptures” were put up. They say its because so many people have slowed to look at them, and it causes them to get rear ended.

    And yes, they are rather hideous. I suppose they are considered ART.

  3. hope you make it to the pumpkin patch because yes, you must get pictures of kids at the patch! : ) and the pumpkin chip cookies? yum, sounds good but anything with pumpkin in it does right now to me. thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

  4. Well, with three kids I think you can be forgiven for lapses in blogging. I do think the magnifying glass thing is a guy thing although when I was young, the boys were frying ants and not leaves. Thanks for stopping by chez moi!

  5. I dunno Erin, I think that sculpture just “screams” Iowa.

    It’s like they were reaching into the deep recesses of my mind to uncover exactly how I always think of the American Heartland.

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