Post-Voting Coffee. Or Not.

I’m not having coffee today. I mean, I did have coffee. But if you came over to my house today, not only would you be amazed at the mess, but you would also see that I am currently drinking a strawberry cream slush from Sonic. You know why? Because they’re yummy, that’s why.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d show you my neat knuckle that’s all pink and puffy and hot to the touch. My arthritis is a bit flarish today. It’s such a joy. But I’m counting my blessings today, and trying to be mindfully grateful, so instead of worrying about that we could chat about the kids and the election (not too much, because I’m not a huge political junkie) and exactly why strawberry cream slushes are so delightful.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d tell you about how I went to vote and they didn’t even ask for identification, which worried me a little bit. I mean, I know I live in boring old Iowa and all, but I could have been anyone posing as me. Maybe they believed me because I was wearing my Erin’s Royal Pains t-shirt from when we walked in the arthritis walk a couple years ago. Yeah. That must be it.

While they were not interested in knowing that I was who I said I was, they were interested in Bubs, who was very obviously not in school. I told them that he’s homeschooled and we were at school, having a lesson in civics. I’m not sure they believed me. Probably because I wasn’t wearing my denim jumper and my socks in sandals. What was I thinking?

If you came over for coffee today, Squeezy would probably want to comb your hair. It’s her new thing. And she’d also probably want to dump out your purse, so you might want to leave it in the car. Just a warning.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d tell you how today’s strip was about being thankful for our toys, and cleaning out the playroom and giving away toys we don’t use anymore. And I’d tell you that both the boys looked slightly injured when I read it to them, as if I had tricked them. And I’d tell you that I would feel guilty except their playroom is oh my word. And Christmas is coming so they need to clean it out anyway, right? And I’d tell you that I need to clean out some of my stuff too, because I have much too much stuff as well.

If you came over for coffee today, you’d have to look at this picture.

Because seriously? Those socks. They’re Art’s. He wore them to sleep in Friday night and came down Saturday morning with them on and Art had to take a picture. It makes me laugh so hard.

Of course, I am easily amused.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d apologize for not being able to talk longer. But I have laundry to do (always!), school to do (usually!), and stuff to go through and give away.

Oh, and I’d also tell you that there’s a work-in-progress page on this blog now called “places to give.” You can click on it at the top of the blog. There’s a few ideas on there that are completely 100% free for you. Others that just need a small donation. So if you’re participating in the 30-day giving challenge, or just looking for ways to give back this month, that’s a place to start. Obviously there are lots of great causes out there! I’m trying to keep that page full of ones that are stuff even my tight-budgeted family can participate in. 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!



8 thoughts on “Post-Voting Coffee. Or Not.

  1. Yeah, there are quite a few pictures of me at that age wearing my brother’s socks up past my knees and usually the colored stripes around the top did NOT match! :o) Must be a Kilmer thing!

  2. You know, they didn’t ask for my ID either. I didn’t think of until they asked the guy behind me (I was in a booth right next to registration) and they said it was because it was his first time voting in our town. Interesting…

  3. and again i sit and giggle at your life and the way you tell it. and the socks, cuz who would not giggle at those?! perhaps you are going to need to find that denim jumper & rest of the get up for outings with kids during school hours. ya know, just so you won’t be hassled 🙂

  4. Hey Erin!

    Just wanted to let you know that you are one of our winners for this week’s giveaway. Can you please email us your mailing address so we can send you your prize?

    Btw, I loved your post on Gratitude and Giving. Awesome idea. 🙂

  5. Hey! Wonderful of you to visit my place today… I LOVE yours. I can tell that I would enjoy very much coming over for a cup of coffee. It could become my next habit 🙂

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