Virtual Coffee, Yum Yum Yum

So I have this blog, yanno? And I thought maybe I should post in it. Once in awhile. So my mother knows I’m still alive.

I have been extraordinarily busy. And the italics are absolutely essential. The last few days have been too much on too little sleep, but I have gotten so much done. It’s kind of exhilarating. Or it would be, you know, if I were awake enough to enjoy it.

So since I’m so tired and busy I don’t have energy or time to take a picture of my coffee cup. So instead I made this for you.

I still can’t believe I never made it as an artist. But you people, my dear readers, I know you appreciate good artwork. So enjoy.

If you came over for coffee today, you’d probably notice that Squeezy’s toys are no longer in a big rubbermaid tote. Today I got a toy sorter off Craigslist. This toy sorter.

That’s not my picture. That’s the picture I just ripped off the ad on Craigslist because, again, tired. But it is now in my living room, and while a tower of brightly colored plastic bins might not be your idea of snazzy living room decor, we are all about the Kid Chic here in the Together household. So it works for us.

And oh my word it looks so much better than the big Rubbermaid tub.

In other news, the boys had their first homeschool choir concert last Friday. It deserves a post all to itself, and I’m still holding on to the idea that I might have time to write that post this week, but here’s a picture of them all spiffed up before the concert.

It rained that day. A lot. So I couldn’t take them out in front of the fence like I usually do for pictures like this. Instead you get to see our pretty front stoop. Isn’t it sad that our two bachelor neighbors have a welcome mat and we don’t?

You’d still be welcome for coffee today, even if we don’t have a welcome mat.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d probably talk at length about our church Sunday School Christmas program, which I am in charge of. Well, technically Art is in charge of it, because he is the Sunday School Superintendent, but he has delegated it to me because, well, I’m not good at much but bossing people around is one of the things I’m good at.

So Saturday night about five minutes after we went to bed I was hit by a giant bolt of inspiration, and I came downstairs and sat here in my cozy chair and wrote the Christmas program. I had almost given up hope of being hit by inspiration, and was ready to throw in the towel and just have the kids sing all 500 verses of “The First Noel” and be done with it. But that will have to wait till next year. We have a program.

I’m such a dork to be as happy about this as I am.

You don’t mind if I’m a dork, do you? Want more coffee?

If you came over for coffee today, I’d tell you about how lately Squeezy Bug has started howling at the moon whenever she sees it. Seriously. If that’s not the cutest thing in the universe, I don’t know what is. Sometimes I wonder how I have such awesome kids. Because they are all kinds of awesome. Today I took Stinky and Squeezy to the doctor for their well-child visits, and the doctor was watching them play and said that she could tell Stinky has a kind heart toward others.

I tell ya, hearing someone else say something like that just makes a mama’s heart go all mushy.

If you came over for coffee today, I’d tell you that last week I got a rockin’ $10 off any purchase over $10 gift card thing in the mail from Kohl’s. I get them now and then. Seriously, Kohl’s is one store where you want to be on the mailing list. They send me these cards every couple months, and there’s no minimum purchase (well, it has to be at least $10) and it’s good on anything in the store. Sweet deal. And in case anyone cares, Kohl’s did not ask me to say that, nor is there a Kohl’s employee standing near me with a gun pointed at my head forcing me to tell you they’re awesome. I’m pretty sure that if Kohl’s did decide to start a blog campaign, they probably wouldn’t start with a blog that’s lucky if it gets 200 hits a week. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Anyway, today I went to Kohl’s with my gift card because I wanted to get a toy for Squeezy. Poor thing just doesn’t have many age-appropriate toys. I found something I wanted, and it was marked $10.99, which– hello? PERFECT. Except it was on sale. For 10% off. Bringing it to $9.89. Seriously. I got her some tights as well as the toy. Which is fine, because she needed them, but Seriously?


As you can tell, you have missed a great deal of extreme excitement with me not blogging.

Last week I cooked a turkey. They were super cheap and I love to have the extra meat in my house. I always cook them in a roasting bag, because they cook so fast that way and are usually really moist. Putting those suckers in the bag is always a bit of a challenge, especially when the turkey weighs 20 pounds and the person trying to put it in the bag is weak, arthritic, and me. So usually I just have Art help me, but he was gone and the darn thing had to go in the oven or it wasn’t going to be done in time for dinner, so I had to do it myself.

I tried to get Stinky to help me. Normally I would ask Bubs, because he’s a little more capable of this kind of thing, but he was at his piano lesson, so it was just me and Stinky and the roasting bag and that big old 20 pound bird. I told Stinky to hold the bag open and it just wasn’t happening. He would hold it so that the opening was like six inches across. So finally I stood the turkey up in the sink and put the bag over it like I was dressing my toddler and wrestled the whole thing, with much loud noise and many ungraceful jerking motions into the pan.

And Stinky just stood there and looked at me with his thumb in his mouth like I was a weirdo.

I can’t imagine why.

I have no idea why I just shared that. I guess I thought this post wasn’t interesting enough.

No one’s ever going to want to come for coffee again.

Have a nice day, y’all.



11 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee, Yum Yum Yum

  1. We have a similar toy organizers, and love it ๐Ÿ™‚ we used big bins prior to that, and the bins were getting climbed in and it wasn’t all that safe when the kids were that little… eeekkk. but the organizer made a huge difference!
    Your boys look so cute all spiffed up!
    Can’t wait to hear more about the Christmas program!!

  2. I love you and will come for coffee every week, no matter how many turkey wrestling stories you tell.

    Ok, now it is time for me to stop pretending I don’t have to meave for work in half an hour. Yurg.

  3. P.S. Meave. Like it? I invented a new word. It means to go, with great reluctance and probably your hair not looking its best.

  4. Giggle.
    Honestly Erin, i too would have coffee with you any day, if only to listen to your stories.
    Do you make good coffee? that would be a plus. and i would hold the turkey bag for you if you wanted!

    So, guess i had better meave for now.

    cool word Sharone.

  5. Writing a whole Christmas program? Is awesome, not dorky! All I ever do is offer to help hold up the placards with the words on them for “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” I’ll come for coffee again, you made me giggle.

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  7. i love it when my kids are complimented for their good behavior or something similar, it does make a mama feel good, huh? : ) and Kohl’s…yes! we are heading there tomorrow and i am hoping to find deals on pajamas and such for the kids. thanks for coffee!

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