Coffee on a Tuesday Afternoon

Oh, I’m so happy it’s time for virtual coffee again. Outside it is super windy, and there are little flurries of snow blowing around, so it is a great day for some warm cookies and hot coffee. I hope you brought cookies. I haven’t even unpacked from the weekend yet; I certainly haven’t done any baking. 😉

If you came over for coffee today, we’d have to talk about the thrill that is my birthday, which is coming up on Thursday. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about it. I’ve had a couple years to get used to being “in my thirties,” so it just doesn’t feel like a big deal.

What is a big deal is that I am planning to get a haircut in celebration of being thirty-two. My last haircut was in April, I think. Ugh. If you came over for coffee today, you’d have to help me figure out what I want to do with my hair. I tried looking online today for ideas.

I have a lot of questions about this style. First of all, are we convinced it’s even a style? Maybe she’s really bald and she’s just wearing a hat covered with hair. I think that’s the best explanation. Also, regarding her facial expression, do you think she’s making that face because of her hair? Or is it the orange eyeshadow/lipstick combo that has her so shocked? If you click the picture it will take you to the source. My favorite part is the commentary that mentions that maintenance for this style would be “challenging.” UNLESS it’s really just a hat. You couldn’t really beat that for simple maintenance.

I think this one would be awesome for Christmas parties. Instead of red and orange you could make those big curl things red and green. Throw on a glamorous sweater and you’re good to go. Oh, and don’t forget your twelve pounds of eye makeup.

What I don’t get about this hairstyle is why it says maintenance would be challenging. It seems to me that a perm + bedhead + some good old fashioned aqua net would probably do the trick. Now, WHY you would want this style is another issue entirely. Maybe if you were playing the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz?

Now honestly, you just gotta feel sorry for this lady. Six-month grown out perm, PLUS she’s actually not alive in this picture. You can tell by the lips. Her eyes are actually closed and then painted on. She’d make a great addition to your next Halloween party. Shudder.

Um, excuse me ma’am, but your wig doesn’t seem to be on quite right? Also, is your face made out of plastic?

Okay, well that’s probably enough of that sort of amusement for one day. Except, um–


Once I got my hair cut at the beauty academy and the guy wanted to do something like that to my hair. And when I told him I wasn’t sure it was exactly appropriate for a Baptist mother of two in Des Moines, he said that one of his regular customers was a mom who was a church secretary and she had her hair like that, and hers was even blue.

I wonder if telling great big ginormous lies like that is something they teach in beauty school.

If you came over for coffee today, I expect that by now we’d be laughing so hard at these poor hair models that we’d have all the kids crowded around us to see what was so funny. That’s how things roll in my house. I’d get rid of them by threatening to photoshop their faces into the pictures.

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor guy. Time to start his therapy fund, huh?

(Art is so going to kill me when he sees that picture.)

Okay. Well, that post didn’t end up where I intended it. But Squeezy has woken up from her nap so I guess that’s it for coffee this week. Maybe next week I’ll actually have something interesting to say.

Don’t count on it though. I wouldn’t want to set your expectations up unreasonably high.



6 thoughts on “Coffee on a Tuesday Afternoon

  1. OH MY WORD!!! I am laughing so HARD right now! What is wrong with people in the “high fashion” world?! Seriously that gal with the plastic face, her hair looks like a jelly fish! :o) Great post!

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