I Got a Snuggie for my Birthday, Not to Ruin the Surprise or Anything

Oh friends, I just have to admit something here. I hope you can relate.

Blogging in December kind of stresses me out.

Isn’t that dumb? I love blogging, and I love you my lovely readers, and of course in December there’s so much going on and so many adorable pictures of my children to share . . . which is maybe why I just feel totally overwhelmed and just decide to share nothing.

Plus there’s just something about December that makes me want to curl up on the couch with a tall skinny pumpkin spice latte with an extra shot and whipped cream (not that I’m particular), cozy up under my Snuggie, and read The Lord of the Rings for hours on end.

Oh yes. I have a Snuggie.

Yesterday was my birthday, you see. And Art bought me a Snuggie. And he let me take the afternoon and go get my hair done and my eyebrows waxed and buy some new lipstick I am a NEW WOMAN I tell you.

A new woman who hasn’t even started her Christmas cards or taken pictures for them or anything, and who still has pictures from July up in her header, and who hasn’t set out the nativity scene even though the tree has been up for two weeks.

See? Overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed leads me to procrastination.

But before I procrastinate I will share some pictures of my birthday with you, because I know you’re dying to see my new haircut and also my Snuggie.

(I love my Snuggie. But is that seriously the best name they could think of for it? Seriously?)

Here I am! When I get a haircut, I get a haircut. The girl at the salon was so happy when she asked what I wanted her to do and I said “chop it all off!” You could have stuffed a throw pillow with all the hair she cut off. Not that you’d want to. At least I hope you wouldn’t want to.

If you want to stuff a pillow with my hair, I’d like to tell you that that is very creepy and please go away right now.


I was tickling her, hence the smile and crooked glasses. This was like five minutes before dinner and she could not understand why we were not eating that very second! So it took some tickles to get her to smile.

Bubs made this card for me.

And the inside.

Stinky made me a card but lost it (typical), so from him I got a special birthday kiss.

Which really was a pretty nice gift, I gotta say. )

And here is me with my SNUGGIE!

I have to say, I have mocked these things ever since they first came out, but I have secretly desired one. Mostly because I like to snack while we’re watching tv and the couch is right under a drafty window. So now I can snack and stay toasty all at the same time. It even has pockets. I’m really not sure why. Maybe for a remote, except I’m not allowed to touch the remote if Art is in the same room.

Since he doesn’t really watch football I can handle this arrangement.

And here I am all snugglied up. 😉

After dinner we had brownies, which, YUM! And then we went for our annual trip to Valley Junction, which I post about every year and will hopefully have time to post about tomorrow.

Tonight my sons are taking me on a date to a Christmas concert. I’m hoping we can get a seat up close to the orchestra to keep Stinky entertained. He likes to watch the percussionists.

And tomorrow Bubs and I have Christmas play practice at church, and Sunday Bubs has his first ever piano recital, and Monday evening is the Christmas party at Art’s work, and next weekend Bubs is turning EIGHT, and well, suffice it to say that my Christmas cards might well be Valentine’s cards this year.

And just a random bit of cuteness: this morning I was reading my morning internets and drinking my morning coffee and I hear this little voice giggling and saying “FUNNY!” and I look over and Squeezy was sitting in the Snuggie box. She is an entertainer, that one is. I love her. I love this whole sweet family. They are the best birthday gift or any kind of gift ever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go read a book. 🙂




11 thoughts on “I Got a Snuggie for my Birthday, Not to Ruin the Surprise or Anything

  1. Wow, Snuggies are so fashionable now days. I didn’t realize they had prints! It sounds like you had a great birthday. Your blog always makes me laugh. Your new haircut is cute.

  2. Um, I have two Snuggies. One regular blue one, and one gray Varsity Snuggie that my husband bought me for special use during my exams. Sort of like a new uniform for game day. I love them. They are very hard to walk around in though, unless you’re seven feet tall. I know that’s not the point, but still…

    Love your hair, and ooh-la-la those eyebrows! I’m going to get my hair cut soon, contemplating chopping it all off myself. Though not making any hair pillows. Oh, I just made myself gag.

  3. Hey Erin, Just wanted to thank you again for the comic relief you bring our family :). Your hair looks great – I like the color. I should probably start doing something about all the gray in mine but I am kind of afraid of the once you start you can’t stop concept. What is it about second children losing their cards…. my second does that too! Have a great day! April

  4. I love every single picture you posted. So fabulous. Your hair looks amazing, the Snuggie is cute, and your kids are adorable. Now, why no picture of ART giving you the snuggie? I bet he feels left out.

  5. i’ve actually considered not blogging in december. i need one less to-do.

    and you already know how i LOOOVVVVEEEEEE your new look. all these pix of you make me happy. your whole face lights up in each picture.

    i poke fun at the snuggie, but secretly want one too. to satisfy my snuggie desire i just wear my robe backwards.
    the next pic i see of you in your snuggie better be on some bleachers at a sporting event! hehehehe

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