Bubs has to give his testimony in church tomorrow evening. I had him write it out so he would know what he wanted to say.

Being baptized is a requirement for membership in our church; now that he has been baptized he has to share his salvation testimony and the church will vote to let him become a member.

Well, I new I was a siner. I beleaved that Jesus came to die on the [picture of a cross] to take my sin’s away. It all started when I Lerned a verse in cubies about heavin. I started asking kweshtins. dad and I had a little Talk That night. It was Jan. 28th 2008 That I asked Jesus To be my Savior. I diden’t Tell mom or dad about This uTill The day baby Elija had died in momy’s stomac Thank you.

my testamonie

I just love that kid an awful lot. And I’m so proud of him.


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