Tuesday Evening Virtual, erm, Water.

So. It’s Tuesday. And Tuesday is virtual coffee day. Except I’m having this thing called CONSTANT NAUSEA, and coffee is one of the things I have a major aversion to. (Possibly this is God’s way of protecting the baby from caffeine overload, but I swear I only was having one cup a day from the time I discovered I was pregnant to the time I discovered the thought of coffee kind of made me want to puke.) I did have a frappucino the other day. Apparently COLD coffee in January in Iowa is acceptable.

So I’m sipping water and dreaming of days when a latte sounded delish.

I’m having a bit of a problem here today. I just don’t have much to talk about that isn’t nausea-related. And while I’m sure that most of you would be absolutely riveted by my upset stomach, there’s a few of you out there who probably don’t really want to hear about it. So I’m trying to think of something interesting to talk about. Unfortunately my life is kind of all about the quease lately.

We have gotten back into school for the new year. Homeschooling when you feel sick is really hard. (Well, I made it one whole sentence. I’m SORRY!) Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has been supervising the boys once I dole out assignments so that I can go lay in my bed and feel sorry for myself. I’m trying to be more disciplined about school, because in December things kind of fell apart. So we’re back to doing the good stuff as well as just the basics.

Bubs is learning cursive. He was super excited about it until the time came to actually do it. He is really struggling with getting the slant right. Thankfully my rockin’ teacher friend Deb had some suggestions, and so I’ve rearranged his curriculum a little bit and toned it way back (the curriculum had him doing one letter– uppercase and lowercase– every day. Just line upon line of cursive. No wonder he hated it!) and he seems to be catching on. Handwriting has never really been his strong suit.

Honestly I think learning cursive is kind of pointless anyway at this point. It’s hard to imagine that he’s ever going to need that skill in the real world. I should probably be teaching him how to text.

Stinky is moving slowly but surely through his phonics book. I felt like I was beating my head against a wall before Christmas, and then when we came back at it last week he was reading the words like an old pro. I guess he needed a break, too. He’s still doing only short-vowel words, which means that the sentences are all kind of lame. I can’t wait till he starts to learn some new sounds, but I’m really trying not to rush him. So we just keep plugging away at it, and I keep reminding myself that four months ago he could barely even say the short e sound, and I know he’s making progress.

We have had snow here in Iowa the last couple days. This morning the forecast said that the wind was going to pick up and the temps were going to drop, so around 10:00 I told the boys that they were going to have to go out and play then if they wanted to enjoy all that fresh new snow before it got too cold. I told them they had to stay outside for at least twenty minutes, and they ended up staying out for over an hour. It was awesome. They came inside all red and chapped and wet and happy. They changed into dry clothes and I rubbed them down with Vaseline (okay, just the chapped parts), and they were no worse for the wear. Better, in fact.

I’m such a lazy sit-around type person that I sometimes forget my boys have energy they need to get out.

Anyway, I should probably get going. Thanks for joining me for water this evening. If you come back next week, I might get all crazy and bust out the ginger ale.

This pregnant girl knows how to party.



12 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening Virtual, erm, Water.

  1. Sorry you are so nauseated :(. Hope it gets better fast! We are struggling to get back into the swing of things after falling apart in December too. Could you share your handwriting suggestions? My fifth grader, who never learned it, is also struggling. Of course, it may have something to do with the fact that I kind of feel like it’s not the most necessary skill either, but… yeah. Sorry for the rambly comment :).

  2. so sorry you are dealing with nausea…yuck! hoping it gets better soon for you. it’s funny about cursive…will it just become obsolete?
    haha about the ginger ale. hang in there and thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

  3. nausea…. i’m sorry you feel icky.

    nausea and i are very good friends..i could have a blog devoted to it….nausea rd. hmm, yep, not too catchy.

    stay in bed all you must/can. you won’t be seeing that bed much 7 months from now! (oh but you will have a sweet little bundle of delicious baby).

    this is my thought on cursive writing, the sloppier your kids writing the more likely they will be in the medical profession. right? you give up now, they gain later. it’s a win win situation for everyone. šŸ™‚

  4. no coffee? oh-so-sad! i hope you get over this phase soon! cuz water is just not that much fun (even though it is healthy!) i was thought of you immediately when we passed a car (eric drives fast) and teh passenger was sipping on a 2L bottle of gingerale!!! here’s hoping that the nausea hates winter and moves along to a warmer climate… so you can go out and play in the snow, too.

  5. Oh Erin, I hope the nausea phase is over for you soon!
    Three thoughts . . .
    – Cursive, I used it all the time. Hate to print. How weird is that?
    – We tried the snow and it did not go over well. They both just kept wanting to go back inside. Oh well, maybe when they are older. I love that you are a flexible enough homeschool mama to let them get out to enjoy it when they could!
    – I need to buy my boys red stocking caps, because they look AWESOME in snow pictures!

    I hope today is a great day for you!

  6. Yeah, water. Water and ginger-ale both made me more queazy when I was pregnant. Go figure. I drank a lot of de-caf tea. I could eat a ginger snap, but even the smell of the ginger-ale was enough to make me run for the bathroom.

    I do not envy you my friend and I hope this phase passes quickly.

  7. Sorry about your nausia… No fun. We took a good long break from school too (with the baby being born and my mom being here) its hard to get back into the swing of it.
    Do let me know when your up to a photo session! I’ll clear my schedule.

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