What Happened

Art was driving home on Thursday when a pick-up truck pulled out of an intersection and hit the passenger side of our van. Art was doing 45mph (the speed limit on the road) and had the right of way.

This shows where the pickup hit the van.

Our van rolled one and a half times and landed on its side, with the driver’s side up. Art was able to climb up and out. During its little roll down the street, the van also hit a telephone pole.

We assume this is where the van scraped along a telephone pole. Art doesn't remember that at all, but obviously something damaged the back up pretty good.

Our van is totaled. The nice insurance man came by today with a check that we believe was a very fair estimate of what our van was worth. Probably more than fair. Unfortunately, since our van was nine years old and had more than 150,000 miles on it, even a fair payment won’t really cover the cost of purchasing a new used vehicle.

We are waiting to see how God will work this out. You see, we know He will. We know it.

We know because this is just one more detail in this entire situation that we are confident God has in hand.

Just like He had Art in His hand, when he was able to climb out of the only working door in the van and walk away with nothing broken, just some sore muscles.

Just like He had the kids on the sidewalk in His hand, when He didn’t allow the van to roll toward them, but rather down the street.

Just like He has all of us in His hand every time we entrust ourselves to motors and seat belts and child restraints and air bags and all of that.

So many little things– Art wasn’t speeding. He could have been. He wasn’t on his cell phone. He could have been. He didn’t have anyone else in the car with Him. He could have.

I believe that the God who allowed this crash and protected my husband through it is the same God who is going to provide for our need for a vehicle. He is a good God, who gives good gifts to His children, even in the midst of the harsh reality of life here with sin and death and pain.

Three years ago on Saturday we lost our son, just fifteen weeks under my heart. It seems the end of January is not really a stellar time for our family. These winter months, burying us in cold and snow and ice and swathing us in early darkness, are the hardest time of the year for me. Yet through the heartache, the fear, the what-ifs, the loss, my good God teaches me.

Everything. Everything together for good, for His glory.

Always for His glory.

You alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.


12 thoughts on “What Happened

  1. Praying that God will meet your need in a great way. So glad for the protection for everyone involved and that you and the kids weren’t in that van!

  2. Wow that’s terrible. So happy Art is okay. Everything always has a way of working out. Even in the darkest of times. Praying for you and your family.

  3. AMEN

    The winter is hard for me too…. it’s so long and dreary. But Spring will come again, and my heart will sing, and my mouth with Praise. Yet God hasn’t changed. He’s the God of Spring in the winter time too!

  4. racing through my mind today are these words from “it is well with my soul” … “let this blessed assurance control.

    yes, every. single. thing. “together for good, for his glory!”

    he will provide. he always does. counting on him with you.

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