All the Cute Might Just Crash the Internets

It has been a dreadfully long time since I posted adorable pictures of Squeezy. And really, that’s just kind of tragic, because, hello? She is like the cutest toddler in the UNIVERSE. (Although she has a couple cousins who are in close competition for that title. But I get to think mine is cutest.)

Anyway. My sister suggested I should participate in this class– the Joy of Love— at Willette Designs this month, since it’s all free and everything. I guess I’m using it mostly for inspiration, at least so far. Yesterday’s theme was to capture a loved one doing “what they do,” and I decided today to get some shots of Squeezy playing and doing her little Squeezy things.

This only worked so well, because even with our big southern-facing front windows completely uncurtained (because the stupid curtains fell down when I tried to open them–ha!) I still didn’t have a ton of light to work with. So in the end I put my pretty chair in front of the window and put her in it and gave her some toys and let her chatter and play and do her little thing.

Squeezy got this little laptop for Christmas, and it was SUCH a good buy. She loves it. She calls it her “pew,” which is the best she can do at “puter.”

Doesn’t that sunlight make it look like a beautiful day outside? Never mind the jillion inches of snow, painfully low temperatures, and biting windchills.

I do not approve of how grown up my Little One is getting.

She started getting bored with the ‘puter, so we busted out the babies and a blankie.

Forget the baby. She had to make sure her “toesies” were covered by the blanket.

This baby has a “bay”– a belly. Squeezy loves bellies very much.

Putting all the babies to sleep on the chair. Whenever she gets up in the morning or from nap we have to put her teddy bear under a blanket too. It’s very important that Bear be cozy when she’s not there. 🙂

I just love her little hands. And the curve of her little cheek.

Looking out at the “no.” She likes looking at it but isn’t so excited about actually playing in it.

My happy girl. It’s been awhile since I had the camera in her face, so she didn’t seem to mind it much.

See? I warned you about all the cuteness. I wasn’t lying.

I saved this next one for last because oh. my. word. Isn’t it precious?

I think we can all agree that nothing but a Squee! will do for this situation.

Have a great one, y’all. As Squeezy says, “I yuv you! Kisses!”



13 thoughts on “All the Cute Might Just Crash the Internets

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  2. {squeal} Oh the cuteness! I want a girl! My boys mainly just throw “babies.”

    I prayed for you this morning, Erin. I hope the morning sickness well be relieved soon.

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