Some Virtual Tea for Your Tuesday.

I am having tea today and I hope you’ll join me, although you’re welcome to have coffee or hot chocolate or gatorade or whatever. I’m having tea because I’m sick. I don’t usually drink tea unless I’m sick.

Also because I’m sick, I have a feeling this post is going to be a bit on the stuffy-headed side. It’s hard to put together a decent sentence, much less a decent blog post, when my head is all stuffed up and I can’t take ANYTHING for it. The things we put up with for our children. 😉

If you came over for tea this afternoon, you’d have to forgive me for being in my pajamas still. It’s just a cold, you know? A COLD THAT IS DESTROYING ME. Ahem. Apparently the stuffy head also causes my inner drama queen to rise to preeminence.

Anyway, if you did come over for tea I do hope you’d have lots of fun stories to keep me entertained and keep my mind off how darn miserable I am. I for one am trying to focus on the fact that, in spite of Iowa’s best winter attempt to kill us all, spring is going to have to come sooner or later. I have been spending a lot of my time recently dreaming of sunshine and blue skies and flip flops and walks to the park and not having to find socks and coats and gloves and hats and et cetera every time we go anywhere . . .

Target has the cutest little swimming suits and Squeezy wants all of them. Seriously. I was there the other day, trying on maternity jeans (which, FAIL), and then we had to walk past the little people section and HELLO swimming suits. I didn’t buy one. But I wanted to. Oh yes, I wanted to very much. I mean, she wanted me to. Ahem.

Instead we bought her a potty chair. The first time I made her sit on it she screamed and cried the entire time. I really think this is unfair. I had really hoped that after two boys who were nearly impossible to potty train, my girl would be easy. Sigh. And I even bought her little underwear with Tinkerbell on them.

If you came over for tea today I’d be really excited to tell you that we are going to pick up our new-to-us minivan this afternoon. We are really excited about the way that God has provided it for us, and really really excited that our kids will not all be stuck in one row directly behind Art and me everywhere we go. We are so blessed by the friend who has loaned us her car, but holy cow it will be nice to put the boys in the way back again. And have a whole seat separating them. Also, this new-to-us van has a VCR. I am so not kidding. We knew it had to be ours, because a VCR is possibly the dorkiest thing ever in a minivan, and it totally fits in with our family.

Not that we’re dorks or anything. Oh no, not us.

Bubs told me once he thought we were the awesomest family ever. I told him of course we are. I didn’t tell him that we’re also major dorks. That’s one of those things he’ll just have to figure out for himself.

So apparently Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Guess how prepared I am. I am so prepared that I looked at a little red sweater with hearts on it that Squeezy has and thought, well that’s cute. She can wear it on Valentine’s Day.

I am, clearly, the epitome of preparedness.

The good thing is that, what with the homeschooling and all, my weekend plans do not involve 4,000 small cardstock pictures of the Transformers saying things like “Will you transform into my Valentine?” I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing for Valentine’s Day, but I can pretty much guarantee there will be no overpriced bits of perforated cardstock with cartoons printed on them. Maybe cookies. Cookies would be fun, don’t you think?

Well, I think that the next item on my schedule for today, now that my tea is gone, is a nap. Doesn’t that sound delightful? But before I go sequester myself in my bedroom and curl up under my cozy quilt, I just have one more thing to say. It’s really important, so pay attention.

Blue Bunny Chocolate Caramel Commotion Ice Cream.

Oh my word people. Oh. My. Word.

Hope you have a great day!



10 thoughts on “Some Virtual Tea for Your Tuesday.

  1. oh i just love you.
    and i really hope that the iowa winter does not kill you! i think it is cruel for target to display the swimsuits in winter! i mean, what are they thinking? ice swimming? jeepers! very excited about the van! yippee!! i just knew God had a plan! and with a vcr? i tell you what… God cares that much that He gives us extra!! stay warm!! or, just keep with your plan coolling your insides with ice cream then the outside won’t feel as cold?????

  2. Here’s a funny story to keep you entertained.

    My four year old told me today whilst jumping on his bed, “Mama, ders a button in my head, and it says ‘Don’t push dis button!’ ‘cuz den my head does dis.” Then he shakes his head from side to side, falls over onto his pillow and says, “It hurts when I do dat!”

    I told him not to push the button in his head anymore.

  3. our van had a vcr! we are no longer the coolest family ever.
    when we got it and it i was mad that it had a vcr because i didn’t want to be a family fixated on videos to pass time. then it occurred to me that i was prego, having a baby, and that that vcr would come in very handy to entertain (keep still) a then 2 and 3yr old when i HAD to nurse.

    i’m so glad God provided. i knew he would.

  4. I found your blog recently, and I love it! And I hope you’re feeling better by now. Colds stink–they bring out (even more of) the drama queen in me. 🙂

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