Sermon Notes

Something to Remember
by Erin Kilmer

Hey you, there–
You wanderers, trapped
between the army and the sea–
do you realize that God is the one
who led you directly to this place, trapped?
Oh yes.
Those spears on that side?
That deep water on this side?
God’s perfect plan.

Does that make you feel better, or worse?

You remember Egypt, right?
The slavery? The bricks? The babies destroyed?
The plagues and the passover and
your great salvation?
Oh. I see. Already you have forgotten.

You really are trapped, I think.
Trapped by the God who saved you.
To whom will you turn now? Moses?
Moses, chosen by the very God who led you here,
between spears and sea? Everywhere you look–
danger and death.
God’s perfect plan.

I think I know what your problem is.
You look down over there and see
uncrossable depths.
You look out in the other direction and see
unbeatable strength.

You forget to look up to see
Cloud and Fire–
unfathomable God.

Oh yes. This is his perfect plan.
Are you ready? You watch. Wait.
That water is about to stand up like walls.
Those uncrossable depths are about to
split open and give you a dry firm path.
That unbeatable strength will be swallowed up.

This is your God,
Oh wilderness wanderer.
And this is His plan.
To bring you by ways inscrutable
To bring you to straits impossible
To show you His glory unimaginable.

Do yourself a favor.
Don’t forget, okay?

He always has a plan.


5 thoughts on “Sermon Notes

  1. Why are such incredible miracles so easily forgotten? I needed to read these words today, in fact I need to read them and remember them every day! Thank you for sharing.

  2. makes me think of scripture that saved my life…

    Exodus 14:13 “these Egyptians you see today you’ll never see again, the LORD will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

    i didn’t understand then why God allowed me to go down that dark alley, but he had a plan…freedom.

    in hindsight i am so glad he lead me to and through my own Red Sea.

    beautiful erin.

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