It’s Not All Bad

It hasn’t been an easy week around here, but I don’t want you to think that we are sitting here wallowing. When you live with three awesome kids, you don’t have time to wallow. And you’re likely to find yourself laughing even in the midst of the worst of life.

Which is good, you know? They are a gift to bring us joy and laughter and healing. And we are thankful.

So I thought I should share what has been bringing us laughter today. But I’m going to warn you, it’s not pretty. And if you’re likely to be offended by nature in all its fullness, you might want to stop reading right now. Because this isn’t just a story. It’s a story with an illustration.

The boys stayed the weekend in Omaha with my parents, and Monday they all went to the Henry Doorly Zoo. They visited the desert dome, the Lied Jungle, the aquarium, and the primate house. Oh, the primate house.

In the primate house was an orangutan. A mama orangutan, in all her full-on mama glory, with a baby orangutan. A hungry baby orangutan.

Now, I have to be honest here. I didn’t nurse Gracie. We have never had baby animals. Though we live in Iowa, we doΒ  not live on a farm, and my kids are true suburbanites. They think, or at least they used to think, that milk comes in jugs you buy at the store, or in a can you mix with water. I know they know that milk comes from cows, but I’m not sure they really know how that works. And they certainly don’t know how it works with other mammals.

Or at least they didn’t.

Until Monday. When my mother had the joyful privilege of explaining exactly what that baby orangutan was doing to its mama. Right up next to the glass, where both my boys were standing agape and in awe and wonder. Who knew, right?

When my parents brought the boys home yesterday, we had a good laugh about the whole thing. Art was pretty happy he hadn’t been there and that my mom had been stuck explaining all of that.

Today I told the boys to write thank-you notes to their grandparents for the fun weekend they had. Stinky carefully copied my words, Thank you Grandma and Grandpa on the lines, and then he was supposed to draw a picture of his favorite part of his trip to Omaha.

I am including that picture in this blog post.

You might want to just click away now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here it comes.

Last warning . . .














Yup. I think he has it all figured out now.

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa.

(We are thankful for reasons to laugh. Even when they are a bit mortifying. God is good. And laughter heals.)

15 thoughts on “It’s Not All Bad

  1. That’s hilarious. You’ll definitely have to save that one for him later in life. Some of the best ways to learn about life are through nature. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh Erin… You killed us both. Dying from laughter… it dies down, then we gain a smidge of composure, one of us snickers, and it begins again.
    Thank you ❀
    We are so looking forward to parenting πŸ™‚ Really! πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, Erin. Thanks for the giggles today. Children are one of God’s greatest presents when sad things happen. I’ve prayed for you most every time I’ve seen your name on facebook that God would grant you so much comfort right now. And it seems He is. πŸ™‚

  4. He really captured it, right down to the Mama licking the window the entire time. Perhaps he failed to mention that to you, but his picture tells all.
    I have to say that I was grateful that all of the children nearby took it all in stride, which was a blessing. There were no inappropriate remarks which would have been way harder to explain. A simple “That’s the way God made mommies so they can feed their babies,” was a satisfying answer.

  5. Sooo funny! Your friend Ruth shared a link to this post on Facebook, after I also posted a story about Orangutans at the zoo. Nice to “meet” you!

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