Showing Off My Smart Kid

Another shot from last week's trip to the Botanical Center. I'm not sure what the electric guitar and mirophone have to do with plants. But Stinky would make a great rock star, don't you think? This picture has nothing to do with this post, except both star Stinky.

We’ve been studying Mars in science, using the book Learning about Creation with Astronomy. It’s a great book, and I feel like we have all learned so much. I like how I can adapt the lessons for my kindergartener and for my second grader and how they could still be used for an older elementary student as well. Very flexible.

Anyway, we finished the chapter on Mars this week, so as a review I have the Bubs write down all the facts he can remember while Stinky narrates all the facts he can remember and I write them down.

I was pretty amazed by what Stinky remembered. Here’s his list.

Facts About Mars

in Stinky’s own words

One side has a bunch of craters and one side has less craters.

It twists the same way Earth twists. Rotates.

Its moons are shaped like potatoes. It has two moons.

Mars is made of rust. It’s made of iron and rust. (It’s not exactly made of rust, but it gets its red color from rusty iron on its surface.)

Its moons may be asteroids, and they’re coming closer to Mars every day.

It’s a terrestrial planet.

Olympus Mons is on Mars. It’s the biggest volcano in the whole solar system.

It has a thin atmosphere.

It has a bunch of volcanoes.

It is cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. And more cold!

Mars has seasons, but they’re not like Earth’s seasons; it’s just always cold.

The sky is orangish-peachish.

There’s frozen water, but maybe there used to be liquid water. Because the Spirit rover picked up a rock sample that maybe showed there was water.

Not bad for a six-year-old who half the time can’t remember where he is or how he got there. 😉


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