Unexpected Complications

We moved Miss Squeezy to a big girl bed about a week and a half ago.

After just one naptime of running wild around the room and being reprimanded by Mommy and Daddy, she has done remarkably well. She stays in it until she goes to sleep every night. Most naps she needs to be put back in, but right now I’m blaming the time change for that. She was doing fine before and I’m sure once she gets completely adjusted it’ll be all good again.

If not, I shall get out the Mean Mommy Face.

Anyway. When she wakes up, she gets up and roams about her room until someone comes and frees her. This is fine; the room is safe and I think it’s good for her to get some alone time now and then.

However. She has discovered something so exciting she simply can’t leave it alone.

Her dresser.

She takes everything out and tries things on. Art walked in on her yesterday and she had three pairs of bloomers on. Bloomers are her favorite.

Although usually she puts them on the normal way.

Currently her dresser is completely empty, with all the clothes piled on top. Because I gave up.

Isn’t she naughty?

I’m not sure what to do about it at this point. I’m open to suggestions.

I tell you what, nothing is ever easy around here.

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute.


12 thoughts on “Unexpected Complications

  1. Hah. My sister and I did that for ages. Well out of toddlerhood, anyway. We used to make a clothing mountain and jump off the bunk bed. Ahem.

    Also, look who got herself a new watermark! Ooh-la-la! šŸ˜€ (If it’s not new, forgive me. Look who needs herself some new specs!)

  2. HAHA!! She is so adorable :). And I have no suggestions, although I dread having to deal with this someday! My daughter has always loved sleeping so much that when she wakes up she rolls over and buries herself under the covers and tries to go back to sleep until someone comes and tells her to get up.

    Also I love your new picture stamp :).

  3. Hahaha….I just have to laugh because I have a little girl who does the same thing. She wanders into her room and pulls out everything from her dresser and then tries to try on her clothes. Being almost one she hasn’t figured out how to put the clothes on but she tries her best. I figure that I’ll just teach her how to help with laundry early and put up with the clothes playing for now because it is just too stinkin’ cute. šŸ™‚

  4. You have such patience , Erin. I wish I could go back and enjoy some of this over again you know?

    and my girls still take out all of their clothes and leave them scattered about… šŸ˜‰

    and could you email me so I can email you back?

  5. Kay does it too. Except it’s Megan’s dresser, so Megan’s clothes end up all over the house. If you figure out how to make it stop, let me know. (And make sure that dresser is bolted to the wall…)

  6. Cuteness = A survival mechanism, and the bloomers on the head is SUPER CUTE!

    I wish I had an amazing idea for you. Could you just move the clothing to a Tupperware bin for a few days, just until she learns to fall asleep better?
    Good luck!

  7. i have no idea for you.

    the one before me is a good one- dress up clothes. however, she probably sees all her clothes as dress up clothes right now.

    in the words of all mothers who have gone before us,
    “this too shall pass.”
    until then i think clothes piled on top of the dresser is a good solution.

    so cute. so so cute.

  8. My oldest did the same thing, and b/c he couldn’t fold them, yet, I found it frustrating at the time. Denise’ comment about “this too shall pass” is very true. The same child, now, regularly helps w/the laundry. : )

  9. we have definitely put the dressers in the closet before! both of my kiddos did this same thing. ad when they were done? they hit the bookshelf. books. scattered. everywhere!!

  10. A dress-up drawer is a good idea. And putting the most fragile items out of reach is a good idea, too. How about teaching her to put everything back herself? Kids will ALWAYS open/dump/empty/take apart before they know how to close/replace/put together. So the teaching opportunity can keep her busy a while.

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