Well, Hello, Blog.

I’ve kind of been avoiding you. It’s nothing you’ve done, you see. It’s just, you expect a lot out of me. Wit and humor and creativity and honesty and truth, or at least cute pictures of and stories about my kids. And me? Well, I’ve been having a hard time putting thoughts into words lately. Honestly, I’ve written two or three blog posts that I don’t have the courage, or something, to publish.

The world is a sad place right now, and I am sad more often than usual now, and it makes blogging difficult. I could write all the platitudes you know and love, but right now they just feel empty. I hope it’s okay that when I do post, I post the light and fluffy stuff. It’s what I want to remember about the right now. Because life is not bad here. It’s just . . . challenging. But there’s good stuff and funny stuff and ridiculous stuff too. The usual.

[cue ridiculously long, rambly post about not much]

The boys have decided they want to be spies, thanks to Bubba’s avid reading of a variety of mystery books, including the Jigsaw Jones series. Yesterday we went to the Goodwill and the boys, particularly Bubs, spent the entire time darting in and out of racks and staring at people. They are continually lamenting the lack of any good mysteries to solve, but when I offered them one they didn’t seem interested.

The only other mystery I know of is how everything can be so messy when I just cleaned it six seconds ago, but since the detectives are possibly the culprits in that mystery, I don’t think this is a case for the Stinky and Bubs Detective Agency. It is, in fact, a job for the Stinky and Bubs Cleaning Service. They do pretty well as long as I bribe them with nickels.

Squeezy has continued her marauding ways when it comes to the clothes in her dresser. At this point I’ve just given up, and her stuff is scattered all over the floor. I’m afraid that we’re just going to be waiting till she outgrows this. I’m also waiting for garage sale season so I can get her some new toys for her bedroom, but I’m not optimistic. I’m quite sure she’ll be ignoring the toys and flinging the forbidden fruit around the room as usual. That’s what she does all day long anyway. Today she emptied out half a box of diapers and covered her teddy bear with them. Usually she puts the bear on TOP of a diaper and then covers him with a little wipie blanket. I guess today she was just in the mood to be different.

Speaking of bears, the little darling dipped her second favorite stuffed animal’s bottom in the toilet the other day. The UNFLUSHED toilet. I’m afraid to put Tiny in the washing machine, but I’m also afraid not to put Tiny in the washing machine. Because, GROSS. Any suggestions on how to best clean poor Tiny Bear? Tonight she was asking for him and I had to substitute with Blue (from Blue’s Clues), but it just wasn’t the same.

So tonight was family movie night, and we watched Beauty and the Beast. I’d like to say we did it for Squeezy’s sake, but the truth is that we put her to bed only about fifteen minutes in, right about the time she stepped on the remote and hit the eject button just as Belle was about to sing, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere . . . .” It was very sad, and since she had also spent the first fifteen minutes climbing up and down out of my and Art’s laps, and crying because of the lack of talking animals in the movie, I just decided it was time for bed. So she went to her room and I settled down on the couch with my three favorite guys to watch a little bit of princess movie goodness.

I will not tell you which boy spent half the movie scared out of his mind (that Beast is very fierce), or which boy cried at the end. I will tell you that no one really seemed to appreciate my own vocal accompaniment of all the songs.

Which reminds me, this morning, quite randomly, “Why Not Me?” by Mark Lowry got stuck in my head. If you’ve never heard this song, it’s talking about King Solomon’s pick-up lines in Song of Solomon, and the chorus includes such lines as “Your navel is a goblet.” I’m one of those people who must sing whatever is stuck in my head, so while the boys were trying to concentrate on their schoolwork, I was loudly singing “your hair is like a flock of goats; pomegranates are your teeth.”

The boys did not think that song made much sense, and I decided not to bother telling them it was in the Bible. Instead I told them to quit goofing around and get back to work.

Nothing like unreasonable expectations to really motivate a kid to do his best.

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day, and we all dressed up in our green shirts to celebrate. Well, except Art, who refuses to wear green on March 17th. He has, in the past, given two reasons for this: one, that someone has to take a stand (against what, I have no clue), and two, that he wants to be pinched. You can decide for yourself which is most true.

Anyway. I did Squeezy’s hair in adorable little piggy tails with adorable little green clippies and barrettes. Unfortunately, I didn’t do her hair till after breakfast. She also has a cold and had a majorly runny nose yesterday. But we had green food for breakfast, so I had to take pictures. Which is why I have this little gem to share with you:

Poor little thing. Doesn’t she just look cruelly mistreated? It’s just bedhead, y’all. And a runny nose. And a healing bruise that I swear gets worse-looking every day. A week ago Saturday she tripped and face-planted on the edge of the couch table. Being almost two is very difficult. Thankfully I fed her green muffins and green orange juice and green scrambled eggs to make up for it. But still. The bedhead is kind of amazing, isn’t it?

(Seriously, normally I try to do her hair before breakfast so it’s not in her face while she eats, but Super Mommy couldn’t do her hair and scramble the eggs before the daily morning I’m-hungry-where’s-my-breakfast chorus began. Super Mommy FAILS.)

Anyway. Clearly in spite of my feeling that I have nothing to say, I have something to say, because, wow, the word count right now is up over 1000. Do you know what that means? I mean, other than I talk too much? It means it’s time for me to go to bed.

Have a happy weekend, everyone. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Well, Hello, Blog.

  1. Yes, Erin, the world is full of sad things right now. It’s a mercy that we so easily get distracted by the mundane and the humorous and all, or we would be overwhelmed with sadness. God asks us to endure only the burdens he sends to US. It is enough to sympathize and pray for the rest part-time.

    Boy, this is sounding serious and preachy, huh? Anyway, thanks for sharing the lighter moments. 🙂

  2. I love Squeezy’s bedhead. I think it’s superb. She looks kinda supermodel-y. 😉 Also, I’m happy to see you, no matter what you write about. 🙂

  3. I am sorry you are in a sad place lately. This is a hard time globally, and we each heap on top of that our own personal struggles. Warmest wishes.

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