A Multiple Choice Quiz

Tonight we went to the AWANA Grand Prix held by our church. We took all three kids, in spite of the fact that one of them has been feeling a big sickish this week. Said child had been acting better today, so I thought it was safe.

From the pictures below, please choose the child who was not feeling 100% at tonight’s event.

Child A:

Child B:

Or Child C:

If you guessed Child B, you are correct. Unfortunately, halfway home, Child A started complaining that he wasn’t feeling very well himself. Which could be a case of Too Much Excitement To Be Tolerated, or could be a case of Mommy’s Gonna Need More Lysol. Child C has thus far shown no symptoms other than an extreme desire to eat paint and clean the floor with her own clothing.

No matter what happens, you can guarantee that Mommy’s Gonna Need More Coffee.


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